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Proceedings - Cement & Lime Decarbonization Workshop

  • Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Opening Remarks (Moderator – Ron Munson)

Dan Hancu – Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), U.S. Department of Energy

Paul Majsztrik – Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization Office (IEDO), U.S. Department of Energy

Jeremy Leong – Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED), U.S. Department of Energy

Current DOE Efforts on Cement & Lime Decarbonization (Moderator – Krista Hill)

Environmental Impact Testing Results of Svante Technology / LH CO2MENT Colorado Project
Mark Claessen – Svante

Intensified Water-Lean Solvent CO2 Capture System for Cement Flue Gas
Vijay Gupta – RTI International

Cryogenic Carbon Capture from Cement Production
Larry Baxter – Brigham Young University

Industrial Carbon Capture from a Cement Facility Using the Cryocap FG Process
Kevin O’Brien – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Carbon Capture Plant Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) Study for Cement Manufacturing
Vijay Gupta – RTI International

Mitchell Cement Plant Integrated CO2 Capture Project
Gregory Ronczka – Heidelberg Materials

Net-Zero Lime Kiln and Carbon Removal Facility
Nick Papanicolau – Carmeuse

An Innovative Process for Direct Utilization of CO2 in Solid Synthetic Pozzolan Production
Pradeep Ghosh – Solidia Technologies

Decarbonization of Cement and Concrete Consortium
Joe Hicken – Sublime Systems

DOE Remarks

Kelly Visconti – Acting Deputy Director for Facility and Workforce Assistance in the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC) 

Noah Deich – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Carbon Management 

Regulatory and Standards Discussion (Moderator – Isabelle Sgro Rojas)

Louis Baer – Portland Cement Association
Webly Bowles – New Buildings Institute
Aron Newman – NIST

Decarbonization Plans and Strategies in the Cement and Lime Industries
Current, Mid-Term, and Long-Term Decarbonization Strategies

Decarbonization Plans Panelists (Moderator – Mani Gavvalapalli):

Bill Herz – National Lime Association
Derick Dreyer – Holcim
Bernardo Cioni – Cemex USA
Gregory Ronczka – Heidelberg Materials

Decarbonization Barriers Panelists (Moderator – Isabelle Sgro Rojas):

Mathieu Bouchard – National Lime Association / Graymont
Tom Van Dam – Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Lionel Lemay – National Ready Mix Concrete Association

Facilitated Discussion: Unique Production Process Characteristics Impacting Decarbonization

Existing Plant Retrofits (Moderator – Ron Munson)
Derick Dreyer – Holcim
Marc Messenger – Graymont

New Processes and Greenfield Plants (Moderator – Isabelle Sgro Rojas)
Joe Hicken – Sublime
Simon Brandler – Brimstone

Alternative Binders and New SCMs (Moderator – Paul Majsztrik)
Rick Darnell – Holcim
Steve Bryan – Ecocem

  • Thursday, July 20, 2023

Decarbonization of a European Cement Production Facility
Andrew Burns – Heidelberg Materials 

Techno-Economic Modeling Studies 
Eric Grol – National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
Michael Matuszewski – Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact (CCSI2)

Lift-Off Report
Sam Goldman – Loan Programs Office / DOE