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Conference Proceedings - 2023 Consortium of Hybrid Resilient Energy Systems (CHRES) Technical Forum

  • Thursday, July 27, 2023

Welcome & Intro-Video - David Tucker, NETL
Opening Remark - Betsy Snell, Program Manager, MSIPP/NNSA/DOE
Opening Remark - Heather Quedenfeld, NETL
Opening Remark - Bryan Morreale, NETL

Acoustic and Vibration Data Acquisition for Surge & Stall Prediction
Ian G. Colón, NETL

Flexible Polymer-based Luminescent Ink Development & Characterization for Surface Temperature Measurements
Namir Huertas, SNL

Multi-fluid, Single-phase Thermal Flow Study on Geometrically-induced Effects in a TPMS-UHTC Heat Exchanger
Guillermo Feliciano Morales, LLNL

Artificial Intelligence and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications on Electrical Power Systems
Braian Díaz Aquino, UPRM

Feasibility Study for the Installation of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems on Residential Roofs in the El Torito Community in Cayey, Puerto Rico
Armando Bozzo Vazquez, UAGM

Making Reverse Micelles to Capture CO2
Ryn Samuel De Castro, UTEP

Hybrid Energy Systems for Remote Wireless Sensors
Marielly Rodriguez, UNM

Material Engineering and Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Materials for Nuclear Energy Needs
Xavier Omar Nieves-Garcia, UTEP

How Electrically-Active Surfaces Affect the Structure and Performance of CO2 Capture Solvents
Muriel Sandoval, UTEP

Mineral Nucleation and Growth in Nanopores and Planar Interfaces
Gabriela Lozada-Lopez, UTEP

Improving System Resilience Through Decentralized Decision-Making Algorithms
Jaime Lopez-Molina, UTEP

Electrolyte Effects on the Swelling Behavior of 3-D Printed Polymer-Based Membranes
Ana Paulina Mata, UTEP

Satisfying Slice of the Energy Demand, in Supportive the Actual Grid in Puerto Rico
Walter González Iglesias, UAGM

Portable Power Station with Several Sources of Energy for Emergencies
Ryan I. Rodriguez Tirado, UAGM


  • Friday, July 28, 2023

A Novel Concept of a Thermal Integrated Nuclear Hybrid Cycle
David Valadez, NETL

Microwave-Assisted Methane Pyrolysis Using FeAlOx Catalysts Synthesized by Solution Combustion Reaction
Zachary Chanoi, NETL

Energy Storage System Priority Index for Load Prioritization
Guillermo Lopez, UPRM

Mathematical Models of Hybrid DC Microgrids
Dilcia Danesy Santos Maldonado, UPRM

Unmanned Vehicles and Pattern Recognition: Advancing Optical and Hyperspectral Sensor Applications for Fault Detection in Electrical Systems
Brian L. Reyes Santiago, UPRM

Resilient Solar Panel Mount Design: Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Resilient in Puerto Rico
Ian G. Padín Aponte, UPRM

The Pioneer Array and Integration of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC)
Andrea Galvan and Gabiel Fuentes, SNL

Creating More Realistic Corrosion Models: Evaluating the Interaction Between Multiple Pits
Matthew Roop, SNL

Using Autoencoders to Preserve Spectral Density Information
Rafael Baez Ramirez and Ethan Sloan, SNL

Increasing Bandwidth of Kinetic Meso-Scale Energy Harvesters Using Parachute-Based Proof Mass: Material Testing and Evaluation
Nico Galarza, UNM

Increasing Bandwidth of Kinetic Meso-Scale Energy Harvesters Using Parachute-Based Proof Mass: 3-D Printing Energy Applications
Gregory Vega Carrasquillo, UNM

Hybrid Energy Systems for Remote Wireless Sensors
Christian Torres, UNM

Portable Solar Energy Concentrator
Michael Carl and Geralis del Valle Nieves, UNM

Ion Irradiation of Bulk Metallic Glass Composites for Infrastructure Resiliency
Jared Alexander Justice, LLNL

Electrospun Nanofiber Manufacturing for Specific Analyte Adsorption and Detection
Jalyn-Rose Clark and Anastacia “Stacie” Dressel, LLNL

Automation of MTC for High Temperature Ceramic Filters
Eduardo Ramirez, William Hochstedler and Gabriel Peters, LLNL

Investigation of an Alanine Based Dosimetry System at LLNL
Jose Antonio Rosales Mata and Paige Witter, LLNL

Quantifying Cascading Failures with SOLID Software Design
Roberto Marrero Ortiz, LLNL

Methods to Analyze Power Quality in Communities Vulnerable to Hurricane Events and Evaluate Controllers to Improve the Power Quality Using Microgrids
Prof. Fabio Andrade Rengifo, LLNL