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Proceedings - FY22 FECM Spring R&D Project Review Meeting - Gasification Systems

Opening Remarks
Dave Lyons, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Jennifer Wilcox, invited, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (Acting Assistant Secretary),
DOE Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Brian Anderson, Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Reaction Systems
Jonathan Lekse, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Performance Testing of a Moving-Bed Gasifier using Coal, Biomass, and Waste Plastic Blends to Generate White Hydrogen
George Booras, Electric Power Research Institute

Enabling Entrained-Flow Gasification of Blends of Coal, Biomass and Plastics
Logan Hughey, University of Utah

Development and Characterization of Densified Biomass-Plastic Blend for Entrained Flow Gasification
Heather Nikolic and Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

Fluidized-Bed Gasification of Coal-Biomass-Plastics for Hydrogen Production
Sushil Adhikari, Auburn University

Pressure Driven Oxygen Separation
David Reed, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

High Selectivity and High Throughput Carbon Molecular Sieve Hollow Fiber Membrane Based Modular Air Separation Unit for Producing High Purity O2
Rajinder P. Singh, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Modularization of Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology for Air Separation
Chris Xue, University of South Carolina

Magnetocaloric Cryogenic System for High Efficiency Air Separations
John A. Barclay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Diverse Applications of Redox Active Metal Oxides in Hydrogenation Catalysis
Sammie Roenigk, University of Pittsburgh

Experimental Validation of Feedstock Gasification with Neutron Imaging
James E. Parks II, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Making Coal Relevant for Small Scale Applications: Modular Gasification for Syngas/Engine CHP Applications in Challenging Environments
Brent Sheets, University of Alaska – Fairbanks

Design of Bifunctional Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts with Improved Heat Conductivity for Modular Small-Scale Reactor Applications
Michael Nigra, Pennsylvania State University and Luis Caballero, Univerity of Utah

Closing Remarks
Dave Lyons, National Energy Technology Laboratory