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Opening Remarks
Richard Dennis, Technology Manager, Advanced Turbines and Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles Programs, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Program Overview
Bhima Sastri. Director, Integrated Carbon Management. U.S. Department of Energy

Hydrogen Storage for Load-Following and Clean Power: Duct-firing of Hydrogen to Improve the Capacity Factor of NGCC
Jeffrey Mays, Gas Technology Institute

Economically Viable Intermediate to L ong Duration Hydrogen Energy Storage Solutions for Fossil Fuels Assets
Zhili Feng, WE New Energy Inc.

Sand Thermal Energy Storage (SandTES) Pilot Design
Andrew Maxson, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI)

Integration Energy Storage in Fossil Energy Power Plants (ES-FE) Market Analysis
Ivonne Pena-Cabra, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Oxygen-Free Electrolyzer for Ultra-Low-Cost H2 Storage for Fossil Plants
Pinakin Patel and Ludwig Lipp, T2M Global, LLC

Durable Low-Cost Pressure Vessels for Bulk Hydrogen Storage
Ashok Saxena, WireTough Cylinders, LLC

Development of an Advanced Hydrogen Energy Storage System Using Aerogel in a Cryogenic Flux Capacitor
Joshua Schmitt, Southwest Research Institute

Titanium-Cerium Electrode-Decoupled Redox Flow Batteries Integrated with Fossil Fuel Assets for Load-Following Long-Duration Energy Storage
Ben Kumfer, Washington University in St. Louis and Shrihari Sankarasubramanian, University of Texas San Antonio

First-principles techno-economic analysis of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES)
Lee Aspitarte, Battelle

Low-Cost, Scalable Sorbents with Balanced Capacity-Kinetics-Thermodynamics for Hydrogen Storage in Fossil Fuel Power Plan
Rouzbeh Shahsavari, C-Crete Technologies, LLC

Ammonia-Based Energy Storage Technology (NH3-BEST)
Ted Aulich, EERC

Liquid Air Combined Cycle for Power and Storage
Aaron Rimpel, Southwest Research Institute and William Conlon, Pintail Power LLC

Reversible Methane Electrochemical Reactors as Efficient Energy Storage for Fossil Power Generation
Pejman Kazempoor, University of Oklahoma and Chuancheng Duan, Kansas State University

Characterization and Modeling of an All-Aqueous Thermally Regenerative Redox Flow Battery
Nicholas Cross and Derek Hall, Pennsylvania State University

Evaluation of NGCC with Capture for Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES)
Paul Myles, Deloitte