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2022 Carbon Management Project Review Meeting - Carbon Conversion - Proceedings

  • Monday, August 15, 2022

Carbon Conversion Overview

Carbon Utilization Program Overview
Joseph Stoffa, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Carbon Conversion Program: Updates on Infrastructure Bill Impacts and International Collaborations
Amishi Claros, Department of Energy Headquarters

NCCC - Building a Successful Test Collaboration
Frank Morton, Southern Company

Overview of Carbon Utilization Life Cycle Analysis at NETL
Michelle Krynock, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Achieving Unprecedented Carbon Dioxide Utilization in CO2Concrete™: System Design, Product Development and Process Demonstration (FE0031915)
Dale Prentice, University of California - Los Angeles

Societal Considerations and Impacts
Holly Buck, Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, Division of Strategic Engagement, U.S. DOE

Biological Uptake

A Highly Efficient Microalgae-Based Carbon Sequestration System to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission From Power Plant Flue Gas (FE0031914)
Feng Chen, University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science

Continuous Algae-Based Carbon Capture and Utilization to Transform Economics and Environmental Impacts (FE0032108)
Susie Dai, Texas A&M Agrilife Research

Carbon Capture and Utilization for Protein and Fatty Acids (FE0032104)
David Hazlebeck, Global Algae Innovation, Inc.

Novel Algae Technology to Utilize Carbon Dioxide for Value-Added Products (FE0031710)
Fred Harrington, Helios-NRG, LLC

NH4OH Looping with Membrane Absorber and Distributed Stripper for Enhanced Algae Growth (FE0031921)
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Algal CO2 Utilization by Synergistic Integration with Power Plant and Wastewater Treatment Operations (FE0032098)
Lance Schideman, University of Illinois, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

Engineering-Scale Validation of Novel Algae Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Bioproducts (FE0032103)
Fred Harrington, Helios-NRG, LLC

Novel Conversion Systems

Inorganic Membrane-based Reactive Separation and Reactant Recycle for Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate (SC0019556)
Richard Ciora, Media and Process Technology Inc.

Dehydration Membrane Reactor for Direct Production of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) from CO2 and H2 (FE0031909)
Shiguang Li, GTI Energy

Intensified Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into High-Value Chemicals (FE0031920)
Jesse Thompson, University of Kentucky

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Mineralization and Utilization using Industrial Wastes (FE0031705)
Bu Wang, University of Wisconsin - Madison

A Novel Molten Salt System for CO2 Based Oxidative Dehydrogenation with Integrated Carbon Capture (FE0031918)
Fanxing Li, North Carolina State University


  • Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Reactive Capture

Porous Catalytic Polymers for Simultaneous CO2 Capture and Conversion to Value-Added Chemicals (FWP-FEAA421-FY22)
Michelle Kidder, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Direct Air Reactive Capture and Conversion for Utility-Scale Energy Storage (FWP-FEW0277)
Simon Pang, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A Pressure-Swing Process for Reactive CO2 Capture and Conversion to Methanol (FWP-FY21-RCC-LAB-CALL)
Daniel Ruddy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Integrated Capture and Conversion of CO2 to Materials: Pathways for Producing CO2-Negative Building Composites (FWP-78606)
David Heldebrant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Integrating CO2-Selective Polymer Layers and Electrocatalytic Conversion (FWP-1022482)
Douglas Kauffman, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Electrochemical Conversion

An Overview of NETL’s In-House CO2 Conversion Efforts (FWP-1022426)
Douglas Kauffman, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Electrochemical Reduction of Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide to Commercially Viable C2-C4 Products (FE0031916)
Joshua Spurgeon, University of Louisville

Selective and Efficient Electrochemical Production of Neat Formic Acid from Carbon Dioxide Using Novel Platinum Group Metals-Free Catalysts (FE0031704)
Syed Mubeen, University of Iowa

Electrochemical Production of Highly Valuable Carbon Nanotubes from FlueGas Sourced CO2 (FE0031913)
Anna Douglas, SkyNano, LLC

High-Efficiency Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Ethylene (FE0031919)
Jingjie Wu, University of Cincinnati

Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Direct Conversion of CO2 to Chemicals (TCF-21-24815)
Di-Jia Liu, Argonne National Laboratory

Unique Nanotechnology Converts Carbon Dioxide to Valuable Products (FE0031707)
Bingyun Li, West Virginia University Research Corporation

Catalytic Conversion

Integrated Capture and Conversion of CO2 to Methanol (ICCCM) Process Technology (TCF-19-17862)
Robert Dagle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

CO2 to Methanol Using Plasma Catalysis at Atmospheric Pressure (SC0019939)
Mahendra K. Sunkara, Advanced Energy Materials, LLC

Atmospheric Microwave Plasmas for CO2 Reuse for Jet-fuel Synthesis (SC0019791)
Leslie Bromberg, MAAT Energy Company

Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide and Propane to Propylene and Carbon Monoxide (FE0031917)
James Zhou, Susteon, Inc.

Plasma-Assisted Methane Reforming and Catalyst Decoking (SC0019664)
Yue Xiao, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

A Tandem Electrolysis Process for Multi-Carbon Chemical Production from Carbon Dioxide (FE0031910)
Feng Jiao, University of Delaware