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Proceedings – Water Management Program Project Review Meeting

  • May 10, 2021

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Sotirios (Sam) Thomas, U.S. Department of Energy

Water Program Overview
Briggs White, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Energy Water Nexus/Wastewater Research    

AWARE Model & Cumulative R&D Benefits (FWP-NETL)
Tim Skone & Erik Shuster, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Regional Analysis of Dry Cooling Retrofits on NGCC Using IECM (FWP-NETL)
Ed Rubin, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Coal-Fired Power Plant Configuration and Operation Impact on Plant Effluent Contaminants and Conditions (FE0031654)
Deliya Kim, Student Researcher, Lehigh University

Energy Water Nexus/Wastewater Research    

Trace Element Sampling and Partitioning Modeling to Estimate Wastewater Composition and Treatment Efficacy at Coal Generators (FE0031646)
Alison Fritz, Student Researcher, Stanford University

Co-Generation Wastewater Treatment at Coal-Fired Energy Plants (FE0031669)
Scott Trybula, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Applying Anodic Stripping Voltammetry to Complex Wastewater Streams for Rapid Metal Detection (FE0030456)
David Jassby, University of California - Los Angeles

Real Time Monitoring of Selenium Species, Mercury, and Arsenic in Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastewaters (SC0020865)
Robert De Saro, Energy Research Company

Flue-Gas Desulfurization Effluent Management Using an Innovative Low-Energy Biosorption Treatment System to Remove Key Contaminants (FE0031676)
Joon Min, Montrose Water and Sustainability Services, Inc.


  • May 17, 2021

Power Plant Cooling and Condenser Research    

Update on In-House Research (FWP-NETL)
Nick Siefert, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Dry-Cooling with Integrated Enhanced Air-cooled Condenser and Daytime Load-Shifting Thermal Energy Storage for Improved Powerplant Efficiency (FE0031979)
Raj Manglik, University of Cincinnati

Improvement of Coal Power Plant Dry Cooling Technology Through Application of Cold Thermal Energy Storage (FE0031886)
Nenad Sarunac, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Water Recovery from Cooling Tower Plumes (FE0031828)
Karim Khalil, Infinite Cooling, Inc.

Enhanced Cooling Tower Technology for Power Plant Efficiency Increase and Operating Flexibility (FE0031833)
Yaroslav Chudnovsky, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Wastewater Recycling Using a Hygroscopic Cooling System (FE0031810)
Christopher Martin, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center

Power Plant Cooling and Condenser Research    

A Novel Steam Condenser with Loop Thermosyphons and Film-Forming Agents for Improved Heat Transfer Efficiency and Durability (FE0031657)
Richard Bonner, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Application of Heat Transfer Enhancement (HTE) System for Improved Efficiency of Power Plant Condensers (FE0031561)
Noah Snyder, Interphase Materials, Inc.

Produced Water and Waste Heat-Aided Blowdown Water Treatment: Using Chemical and Energy Synergisms for Value Creation (FE0031740)
Lian-Shin Lin, West Virginia University Research Corporation

Enhancing Steam-Side Heat Transfer via Microdroplet Ejection using Inorganic Coatings (FE0031675)
Lance Brockway, Nelumbo Inc.

Novel Patterned Surfaces for Improved Condenser Performance in Power Plants (FE0031556)
Ranga Pitchumani, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Capillary-Driven Condensation for Heat Transfer Enhancement in Steam Power Plants (FE0031677)
Evelyn Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology