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Proceedings – High Performance Materials Project Review Meeting

  • June 3, 2021

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Sotirios (Sam) Thomas, U.S. Department of Energy
High Performance Materials Overview
Briggs White, National Energy Technology Laboratory    
Advanced Structural Materials        

Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Component Testing (FE0025064)
Horst Hack, Energy Industries of Ohio, Inc.    
Development of Corrosion- and Erosion-Resistant Coatings for Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Materials (FE0031820)
Ying Zhang, Tennessee Technological University    
Advanced Alloy Development (FWP-1022406)
David Alman, National Energy Technology Laboratory    
Welding of Haynes 282 to Steels to Enable Modular Rotors for Advanced Ultra Super-Critical Steam Turbines (FE0031824)
Sudhir Rajagopalan, Siemens Corporation    
Probabilistic Life Assessment and Aged Materials Testing for Service Feedback of Gas Turbine Components (FWP-FEAA137)
Sebastien N. Dryepondt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
Advanced Structural Materials
Effect of Impurities on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Compatibility (FWP-FEAA144)
Rishi Pillai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Low Cost High Performance Austenitic Stainless Steels for A-USC (FWP-FEAA133)
Xiang Chen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
Steamside Oxidation Issues in Current Coal-Fired Boilers (FWP-FEAA150)
Rishi Pillai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
Evaluating Ni-Based Alloys for A-USC Component Manufacturing and Use (FWP-FEAA152)
Xiang Chen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
Weldability of Creep Resistant Alloys for Advanced Power Plants (FWP-FEAA118)
Zhili Feng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


  • June 8, 2021

Computational Materials Design

Large-Scale, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-Enhanced Density Functional Tight Binding (DFTB) Approaches for Probing Multi-Component Alloys (FE0030582)
Bryan Wong and Anshuman Kumar, Student Researcher, University of California - Riverside
Project sponsored by Simulation-Based Engineering (SBE) Program
ICME for Advanced Manufacturing of Nickel Superalloy Heat Exchangers with High Temperature CREEP Plus Oxidation Resistance for Supercritical CO2 (FE0031631)
Chris Taylor, Det Norske Veritas (NDV) GL USA, Inc.
Digital Twin Model for Advanced Manufacture of a Rotating Detonation Engine Injector (FE0031644)
Shane Coogan, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)    
eXtremeMAT – Computational Simulations (FWP-1022433 Thrusts 1 & 2)
Laurent Capolungo, Los Alamos National Laboratory    
Predictive Design of Novel Ni-based Alloys (FWP-AL-19-510-097)
Mathew Kramer, Ames National Laboratory    
Integrated Computational Materials and Mechanical Modeling for Additive Manufacturing of Alloys with Graded Structure used in Fossil Fuel Power Plants (FE0031637)
Wei Xiong, University of Pittsburgh    
High Throughput Computational Framework of Materials Properties for Extreme Environments (FE0031553)
Zi-Kui Liu, Pennsylvania State University    
Multi-modal Approach to Modeling Creep Deformation in Ni-Base Superalloys (FE0031554)
Ridwan Sakidja, Missouri State University
Alloy for Enhancement of Operational Flexibility of Power Plants (FE0031747)
Ahmed Megri, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University    
Development of Novel Combustion Codes for Supercritical CO2 Combustion (HPC4Materials)
Shashank Yellapantula and Marc T. Henry de Frahan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Ian Cormier, 8Rivers Capital, National Renewable Energy Laboratory    
Pseudo-Spectral Method for Conjugate Heat Transfer Prediction of Impinging Flows over Rough Surfaces (P.100.1028) (HPC4Materials)
Muhsin Ameen, Argonne National Laboratory        

Accelerating High Temperature Operation Development of High Entropy Alloys via High Performance Computation (P.E00.0401) (HPC4Materials)
Kenneth Smith, Raytheon Technologies


  • June 10, 2021

Advanced Manufacturing

Low-Cost Hip Fabrication of Advanced Power Cycle Components and PM/Wrought in740h Weld Development (FE0031818)
Shenyan Huang, General Electric (GE) Company    
Low Cost Fabrication of ODS Materials (FWP-60098)
Glenn Grant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Solid State Joining of Creep Enhanced Ferritic Steels (FWP-66059)
Glenn Grant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Integrated Process Improvement using Laser and Friction Stir Processing for Nickel Alloys used in Fossil Energy Power Plant Applications (FWP-71843)
Chris Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Components Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing (FWP-FEAA128)
Sebastien N. Dryepondt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
Development of Functionally Graded Transition Joints to Enable Dissimilar Metal Welds (FWP-FEAA151)
Peeyush Nandwana, Oak Ridge National Laboratory        
Multi-Pass Hybrid Laser ARC Welding of Alloy 740H (FWP-B100-19010)
Thomas M. Lillo, Idaho National Laboratory and Todd Palmer, Pennsylvania State University, Idaho National Laboratory    
Additively Manufactured Graded Composite Transition Joints for Dissimilar Metal Weldments in Ultra-Supercritical Power Plant (FE0031819)
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University    
Optimization of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Process to Produce Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Components (AUSC) Components with Increased Service Life (FE0031821)
Alexander Staroselsk, United Technologies Research Center    
Computation Tools for Additive Manufacture of Tailored Microstructure and Properties (FE0031642)
John A. Sharon, United Technologies Research Center    
Robust Dissimilar Metal Friction Welded Spool for Enhanced Capability for Steam Power Components (FE0031907)
Erica Sampson, General Electric (GE) Company


  • June 15, 2021

Materials Characterization, Modeling, Existing Fleet, and Alloy Development

Characterization of Long-Term Service Coal Combustion Power Plant Extreme Environment Materials (EEMs) (FE0031562)
Steven C. Kung, Electric Power Research Institute
Project sponsored by Transformative Power Generation (TPG) Program    
Environmental Validation of Materials and Design Concepts to Enable Operational Flexibility of Existing Coal Power Plants (FE0031749)
Anand Kulkarni, Siemens Corporation
Project sponsored by Transformative Power Generation (TPG) Program
Elimination of Steam Side Scaling on Grade 91 Steel: Improving Efficiency, Reliability, & Flexibility of Existing Fossil Fired Power Plants (FE0031769)
Briar Faulkner, Applied Thermal Coatings, Inc.
Project sponsored by Transformative Power Generation (TPG) Program        

Life Modeling of Critical Steam Cycle Components in Coal-Fueled Power Plants (FE0031811)
Robert Amaro, Southern Research Institute
Project sponsored by Simulation-Based Engineering (SBE) Program
Damage Accumulations Predictions for Boiler Components Via Microstructurally Informed Material Models (FE0031823)
Monica Soare, General Electric (GE)
Project sponsored by Simulation-Based Engineering (SBE) Program
Advanced Coating Compositions and Microstructures to Improve Uptime and Operational Flexibility in Cyclic, Low-Load Fossil Plants (FE0031911)
Patrick Shower, General Electric (GE) Company        
Standardized Test Method and Calculation Protocol for Determining and Reporting Annual Heat Rate for Coal-Fueled Electricity Generating Units (FE0031933)
Dan Andrei, ASME Standards Technology, LLC    
Materials Performance in sCO2 Environments (FWP-1022406 Task 12)
Omer Dogan, National Energy Technology Laboratory    
Guidelines for Alloy Development (FWP-1022433 Thrust 4)
Yukinori Yamamoto, Mike Brady, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jeffrey Hawk, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Reducing the Cost of Ingots Utilized in Large Steam Cycle Components by Heat Flux Manipulation during VAR Processing to Control Solidification (SC0020980)
Matthew Cibula, KW Associates, LLC        

Design Tool for Creep-Resistant Materials and Low Cycle Fatigue Modeling (FWP-1022406 Task 16)
Youhai Wen, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Advanced Alloy Development (FWP-1022406 EY20 Task 5, 7, & 8; EY21 Task 5)
Paul Jablonski, National Energy Technology Laboratory