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  • August 4, 2021

Welcoming Remarks
Mark Ackiewicz, U.S. Department of Energy

Carbon Storage Program: New Directions
Darin Damiani, U.S. Department of Energy

International Perspectives: IEA greenhouse GHG Update
Tim Dixon, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

International Perspectives: DOE Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management
Jarad Daniels, U.S. Department of Energy

SMART Initiative Overview
Grant Bromhal, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Carbon Storage’s FAIR Data Repository
Kelly Rose, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Regional Initiatives

Regional Initiative to Accelerate CCUS Deployment in Midwestern and Northeastern USA (FE0031836)
Neeraj Gupta, Battelle

Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership Initiative (FE0031838)
Kevin Connors, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center

Southeast Regional Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership (SECARB-USA) (FE0031830)
Susan Hovorka, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, University of Texas at Austin and Brian Hill, Crescent Resource Innovation

Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Western United States (FE0031837)
Robert Balch, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


The Southwest Partnership on Carbon Sequestration (FC26-05NT42591)
Robert Balch, New Mexico Tech and Brian McPherson, University of Utah

  • August 5, 2021

BEST / ROZ / Associated Storage

Phase II Field Demonstration at Plant Smith Generating Station Assessment of Opportunities for Optimal Reservoir Pressure Control, Plume Management and Produced Water Strategies (FE0026140)
Robert Trautz, Electric Power Research Institute

Developing and Validating Pressure Management and Plume Control Strategies in the Williston Basin Through a Brine Extraction and Storage Test (BEST) (FE0026160)
John Hamling and Ryan Klapperich, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center

Stacked Greenfield and Brownfield Roz Fairways in the Illinois Basin Geo-Laboratory: Co-Optimization of Eor and Associated CO2 Storage (FE0031700)
Nathan Webb, Illinois State Geological Survey

Williston Basin Associated CO2 Storage Field Laboratory (FE0031694)
Steven Smith and John Hamling, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center

Developing CO2-Eor and Associated Storage within the Residual Oil Zone Fairways of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming (FE0031738)
Graeme Finley, University of Wyoming

Secure Storage

A Highly Sensitive Real-Time Subsurface Sensor for CO2 Leakage Monitoring (SC0021479)
Shixuan Zeng, Bettergy Corp

The Role of Chemical Alteration in Arkosic Reservoirs (FWP-FEW0271)
Megan Smith, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Modeling the MT and CSEM Response scCO2 Plume at the Kemper CarbonSAFE Site (FWP-1022403)
Richard Hammack, National Energy Technology Laboratory

NETL RIC’s Carbon Storage Research Supporting Field Efforts (FWP-1022403)
Dustin Crandall, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Using SmartParse NLP Tools to Develop a Living Database for Carbon Storage Data
Paige Morkner and Mike Sabbatino, NETL

  • August 6, 2021


NRAP Phase II - Managing Risks and Reducing Uncertainties: An Overview of Research Objectives and Accomplishments
Robert Dilmore, NETL

National Risk Assessment Partnership: NRAP Tools and Recommended Practices for Induced Seismicity
Josh White, LLNL, Dennise Templeton, LBNL

National Risk Assessment Partnership: NRAP Tools and Recommended Practices for Containment Assurance and Leakage Risk Management
Diana Bacon, PNNL


Examining Possible CCS Deployment Pathways: Onshore and Offshore (FWP-1022464)
Timothy Grant, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Novel Geomechanical Signal Methodologies (FWP-1022403)
Ale Hakala and James Gardiner, National Energy Technology Laboratory


SMART: Real Time Visualization for Rock and Fluid Properties
Dustin Crandall, NETL, and David Alumbaugh, LBNL

SMART: Real Time Visualization for Pressure and Stress
Josh White, LLNL, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, University of Illinois

SMART: Real Time Forecasting for Carbon Storage
Thomas McGuire, EERC, Catherine Yonkofski, PNNL

SMART: Virtual Learning for Carbon Storage
Rajesh Pawar, LANL, Jared Schuetter, Battelle

Carbon Storage Data Integration, Visualization and Application via EDX and GeoCube
Paige A. Morkner and Jennifer Bauer, NETL

  • August 9, 2021

CarbonSAFE Phase II

Wabash CarbonSAFE (FE0031626)
Christopher Korose, University of Illinois

CarbonSAFE Illinois Macon County (FE0029381)
Steve Whittaker, University of Illinois

Plume Detection/Quantification

Robust Carbon Dioxide Imaging Using Joint Tomographic Niversion of Seismic Onset Time and Distributed Pressure and Temperature Measurements (FE0031625)
Akhil Datta-Gupta, Texas A&M

Integration of Seismic-Pressure-Petrophysics Inversion of Continuous Active-Seismic Monitoring Data for Monitoring and Quantifying CO2 Plume (FE0031544)
Tieyuan Zhu and Eugene Morgan, Pennsylvania State University

New Imaging and CO2 Storage Technologies for Unconventional Subsurface Reservoirs (FWP-70066)
Quin Miller, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Plume Detection/ Monitoring

Monitoring of Geological CO2 Sequestration Using Isotopes and PF Tracers (FWP-FEAA045)
Joachim Moortgat, The Ohio State University

Field Validation of MVA Technology for Offshore CCS: HR3D Seismic (FE0028193)
Tip Meckel, Gulf Coast Carbon Center – UT Austin

Automated Data Collection and Compression System for CO2 Monitoring Data (SC0019854)
Salah Faroughi, Petrolern, LLC

Task 5: Large-N Seismic Monitoring (TCF-19-17754)
Eric Matzel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NETL's SmartSearch Deep Learning Tool, Scalable Data Search and Parse for Carbon Storage Data Discovery
Vic Baker Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRC)
Jennifer Bauer, Paige Morkner and Kelly Rose, NETL

  • August 10, 2021


Southeast Regional Carbon Storage Partnership: Offshore Gulf of Mexico (FE0031557)
Jack Pashin, Oklahoma State University and George Koperna, Advanced Resources International, Inc.

GoMCARB – Offshore CO2 Storage Partnership (FE0031558)
Tip Meckel, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, University of Texas at Austin

Plume Detection/ Quantification

Development of High Sensitivity Engineered Optical Fiber for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (FWP-FEW0246)
Mike Messerley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Active Seismic Monitoring CO2 Leakage through a Hydromechanically Reactivated Fault (FWP-FP00007630)
Yves Guglielmi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Second Generation SOV-DAS (FWP-ESD14095)
Julia Correa, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Plume Detection/ Monitoring

Wireless Microsensors System for Monitoring Deep Subsurface Operations (FE0031850)
Joel Sminchak and Mark Moody, Battelle

Integrated Plume Monitoring Using Joint EM-Seismic and Strain Sensing (FWP-ESD14095)
David Alumbaugh, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Optical Monitoring Technology (HS-VOS) for Deep CO2 Injection (FWP-ESD14095)
Michelle Robertson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Novel Machine Learning Based Methods to Detect Small Leaks (FWP-FE-1122-19-FY19)
Youzuo Lin, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • August 11, 2021

Subsurface Stress

An Approach for Determination of In-situ Stress Distribution in Geologic Formations Considered for CO2 Storage (FE0031686)
Mark Kelley, Battelle

Improving Subsurface Stress Characterization for Carbon Dioxide Storage Projects by Incorporating Machine Learning Techniques (FE0031684)
William Ampomah, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and Lianjie Huang, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Refining Principal Stress Measurements in Reservoir Underburden in Regions of Induced Seismicity Through Seismological Tools, Laboratory Experiments and Theory (FE0031687)
Laura Chiaramonte, EPRI and Robert Skoumal, USG

Development of Thermal Breakout Technology for Determining In-Situ Stress (FE0031688)
Jay Nopola, RESPEC Inc. and Sam Voegeli, RESPEC Inc.

Indentification of Faults Susceptible to Induced Seismicity (FE0031685)
Scott Frailey, Illinois State Geological Survey

Wellbore Integrity

Casing Annulus Monitoring of CO2 Injection Using Wireless Autonomous Distributed Sensor Networks (FE0031856)
David Chapman, University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Mohsen Ahmadian, University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Axel Scherer, Caltech, Jeff Mecham, Research Triangle Institute, Andrew Wright, Sandia National Laboratories

Embedded Sensor Technology Suite for Wellbore Integrity Monitoring (FWP-1022435)
Ruishu Wright, National Energy Technology Laboratory

High-Resolution 3D Acoustic Borehole Integrity Monitoring System (FWP-FE-855-17-FY17)
Cristian Pantea, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thermopile Energy Harvesting for Subsurface Well Bore Sensors (FWP-2022728)
Charles Bryan, National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC