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PROCEEDINGS - Enabling an Accelerated and Affordable Clean Hydrogen Future - Fossil Energy Sector's Role Virtual Meeting

Final Agenda
Final Report

Overall Objective:

The objective of the workshop is to gather and share ideas on how to validate and advance the role of the fossil energy sector as an economic means to rapidly deploy hydrogen pathways to decarbonized energy systems.  The first day of the workshop will focus on the big picture of the hydrogen economy, including timelines, scale, deployment scenarios across the fossil energy sector, while the second day will focus on collaborative solutions and partnerships needed to overcome challenges faced by stakeholders throughout the hydrogen value chain.  This event is unique in its focus on the fossil energy sector, and in its goal of fostering dialog within this group to accelerate deployment of hydrogen.

  • September 27, 2021

Opening Remarks
Jen Wilcox, DOE Fossil Energy & Carbon Management, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary 

Hydrogen’s Role in the Energy Transition to Achieve Net Zero by 2050
Dr. Julio Friedmann, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA, Senior Research Scholar

Hydrogen Earthshot Summit Overview and Deployment Session Wrap-up
Sunita Satyapal, DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Director for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Office

Thermal Conversion with CCS Summit Session Wrap-up
Sam Thomas, DOE Fossil Energy & Carbon Management, Director for Hydrogen and Carbon Management

DOE Hydrogen RFI Wrap-up 
Tim Reinhardt, DOE Fossil Energy & Carbon Management, Director of Emissions Mitigation Technologies
**updated version (1/20/22)

State/Utility Perspective on Fossil Energy Hydrogen Challenges
Plans, programs and drivers to enable hydrogen fossil hydrogen to achieve Net Zero emissions.
Moderator - Mark Berry, Southern Co., VP of R&D
Peter Hoeflich, Duke Energy Corp., Director
Joe Del Vecchio, National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp., VP and Chief Regulatory Counsel
Chris Kroeker, Northwest Natural, Emerging Technology Program Manager
Anja Bendel, Wyoming Energy Authority, Program Director

Industry Strategies on the Hydrogen Value Chain
What are the industry imperatives to approach Net Zero across the value chain, including deployment, scale, and integration challenges?
Moderator - Poh Boon Ung, BP, Manager - Hydrogen & CCUS Advisory Services
Michael Ducker, Mitsubishi Power, Vice President of Renewable Fuels
Krish Krishnamurthy, Linde, Head of CE Technology NA and CCS
David Edwards, Air Liquide, Director

  • September 28, 2021

Defining the Carbon Intensity of Hydrogen
Shannon Angielski, Van Ness Feldman, Principal

Challenges for Fossil-Based Hydrogen Production
Examines the critical issues, research needs, and technology challenges for producing hydrogen from various feedstocks.
Moderator - John Marion, GTI, Senior Program Director
Dan Williams, Wabash Valley Resources, Managing Director
Perry Babb, ‘KeyState To Zero’, KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis & CCS, Chairman & CEO
Rob Hanson, Monolith Materials, CEO

Challenges for Hydrogen and CO2 Pipelines & Storage
To achieve Net Zero, disposition of CO2 must be integral to fossil hydrogen production; The panel should examine challenges and solutions for moving and storing CO2 and H2.
Moderator - Jared Ciferno, NETL, Technology Manager
Michael Tritt, Lane Power & Energy Solutions, President
Seth Levey, Equinor, Director, Govt. Relations & Public Affairs
Jason Ketchum, One Gas, VP Commercial Operations
Angela Goodman, NETL, Senior Researcher

Challenges for Hydrogen Utilization
Technology challenges and other barriers to be overcome to expand use of clean hydrogen in existing (refining, ammonia) and new enduse sectors.
Moderator - Brian Weeks, GTI, Senior Director, Business Development
Brett Perlman, Center for Houston’s Future, Inc., CEO
Josh Martincic, Long Ridge Energy Terminal, Chief Sustainability Officer
Trevor Brown, Ammonia Energy Association, Executive Director
Bernhard Winkelmann, Nikola Motor, Global Head, Technology & New Product Development

Role of Public Private Partnerships
Bryan Morreale, NETL Research & Innovation Center, Director