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  • Monday, September 28, 2020

NETL Oxygen Carrier Development and Testing – A Collaborative Project with Ohio State to Enable Chemical Looping Combustion
Samuel Bayham, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Cost Effective Coal-Fired Rotating Detonation Combustor for High Efficiency Power Generation
Kareem Ahmed, University of Central Florida

Development of Enabling Technologies for a Pressurized Dry Feed Oxy-Coal Reactor
Andrew Fry, Brigham Young University

Particle Separator for Improved Flameless Pressurized Oxy-Combustion
Joshua Schmidt, Southwest Research Institute

Low-Cost and Recyclable Oxygen Carrier and Novel Process for Chemical Looping Combustion
Junior Nasah, UNDEERC

Development of Enabling Technologies for Chemical Looping Combustion and Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling
Kevin Whitty, University of Utah

Oxy-Combustion System Process Optimization
Gokhan Alptekin, TDA Research

Characterizing Impacts of Dry Coal Feeding in High Pressure Oxy-Coal Combustion Systems
Kevin Davis, Reaction Engineering International

Natural Gas Reforming with CCS to Fuel a Gas Turbine and Produce H2 for Sale
Charles White, National Energy Technology Laboratory


  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020

High Temperature Gas Sensor for Coal Combustion System
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University

High Temperature Electrochemical Sensors for In-Situ Corrosion Monitoring in Coal-Based Power Generation Boilers
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University

Ultrasonic Measurements of Temperature Profile and Heat Fluxes in Coal-Fired Power Plants
Mikhail Skliar, University of Utah

Mid Infra-Red Laser Sensor for Continuous Sufur Trioxide Monitoring to Improve Coal-Fired Power Plant Performance During Flexible Operations
Jason Kriesel, Opto-Knowledge Systems

Technology Maturation of Wireless Harsh-Environment Sensors for Improved Condition-Based Monitoring of Coal-Fired Power Generation
Mauricio Pereira da Cunha, University of Maine

Advanced Anti-Foling Coatings to Improve Coal-Fired Condenser Efficiency
Matthew Nakatsuka, Oceanit Laboratories

Scenarios of Future Implications for Existng and New Coal Plants or Flexible Coal Plants Base Study
Marc Turner, Leidos

Dynamic Power Plant Modeling for Flexible Operations
Steve Zitney, NETL

Boiler Modeling for Flexible Operations
Chris Guenther, NETL

Online System ID for Predicting Power Plant Performance Throughout Cycling Operations
Larry Shadle, NETL


  • These Projects Did Not Participate in the Virtual Meeting But Are Part of the Program Portfolio

Integrated Boiler Management Through Advanced Condition Monitoring and Component Assessment
Kent Coleman

Demonstration of Multi-Gamma Based Sensor Technology for AS-Fired Coal Property Management
Shuchita Patwardhan, Microbeam Technologies, Inc.

Improving Coal-Fired Plant Performance Through Integrated Predictive and Condition Based Monitoring Tools
Shuchita Patwardhan, Microbeam Technologies, Inc.

Test and Validate Distributed Coaxial Cable Sensors for in situ Condition Monitoring of Coal-Fired Boiler Tubes
Hai Xiao

Conceptual Design of a State-of-the-Art PC Plant for Flexible Operation
Marc Turner, National Energy Technology Laboratory