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  • Monday, August 24, 2020

Process Systems Modeling and Simulation

IDAES - Institute for the Design of Advanced Energy Systems
David Miller, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Investigation of Cycling Coal Fired Power Plants Using High-Fidelity Models
Xu Fu, General Electric Company

Life Modelling of Critical Steam Cycle Components in Coal-Fueled Power Plants
Mark Patterson, Southern Research Institute

Multiphase Flow Modeling and Applications

MFIX - Multiphase Flow with Interphase Exchanges
Jeff Dietiker, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Machine Learning to Accelerate CFD Models
Dirk Van Essendelft, National Energy Technology Laboratory

MFIX-DEM Enhancement for Industry-Relevant Flows
Hari Sitaraman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Implementing General Framework in MFiX for Radiative Heat Transfer in Gas-Solid Reacting Flows
Michael Stoellinger, University of Wyoming

Ash Deposition Modeling for Boiler Application

Probing Particle Impingement in Boilers and Steam Turbines Using High-Performance Computing with Parallel and Graphical Processing Units
Bryan Wong and Hyuna Kwon, University of California, Riverside

An Integrated Approach to Predicting Ash Deposition and Heat Transfer in Coal-Fired Boilers
Guatham Krishnamoorthy, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center (UNDEERC)

  • These Projects did not participate in the virtual meeting but are part of the program portfolio

Component Level Modeling of Materials Degradation for Insights into Operational Flexibility of Existing Coal Power Plants
Anand Kulkarni, Siemens Corporation

Damage Accumulations Predictions For Boiler Components Via Microstructurally Informed Material Models
Monica Soare, GE Research

MFiX Application to Circulating Fluid Bed Boiler
Subhodeep Banerjee, NETL

Computational Tools for Additive Manufacture of Tailored Microstructure & Properties
Raytheon Technologies

The Application of IN740H Alloy for Enhancement of Operational Flexibility of Power Plants
Ahmed C. Megri, North Carolina A&T State University