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Proceedings - DOE-NETL’S 2020 INTEGRATED PROJECT REVIEW MEETING - CCUS Integrated Projects

  • Monday, August 17, 2020

Overview of DOE Carbon Capture and Storage Programs
Mark Ackiewicz

Integrated Projects

Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership Initiative (FE0031838)
Kevin Connors, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center

Front-End Engineering and Design: Project Tundra Carbon Capture System (FE0031845)
Gerry Pfau, Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc.

North Dakota CarbonSAFE Phase III: Site Characterization and Permitting (FE0031889)
Wesley Peck, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center

Southeast Regional CO2 Utilization and Storage Acceleration Partnership (FE0031830)
Patti Berry, Southern States Energy Board

Front-End Engineering Design of Linde-BASF Advanced Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Technology at a Southern Company Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant (FE0031847)
Landon Lunsford, Southern Company Services, Inc.

Establishing an Early CO2 Storage Complex in Kemper County, Mississipi: Project ECO2S (Phase III) (FE0031888)
David Riestenberg, Advanced Resources International, Inc., Richard A. Esposito, Southern Company Services

Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Western United States (FE0031837)
Robert Balch, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Large-Scale Commercial Carbon Capture Retrofit of the San Juan Generating Station (FE0031843)
Jason Selch, Enchant Energy LLC

San Juan Basin CarbonSAFE Phase III: Ensuring Safe Subsurface Storage of CO2 in Saline Reservoirs (FE0031890)
William Ampomah, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Regional Initiative to Accelerate CCUS Deployment in Midwestern and Northeastern USA (FE0031836)
Sallie Greenberg, Illinois State Geological Survey and Neeraj Gupta, Battelle

Full-Scale FEED Study for Retrofitting the Prairie State Generating Station with an 816 Mwe Capture Plant Using Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Amercia (FE0031841)
Kevin O'Brien, University of Illinois

Illinois Storage Corridor (FE0031892)
Steve Whittaker. Univ. of Illinois, Illinois Geological Survey

  • Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Integrated Projects

Wyoming Regional Perspective
Kipp Coddington, University of Wyoming

Commercial-Scale Front-End Engineering Design Study for Membrane Technology Research’s Membrane (CO2) Capture Process (FE0031846)
Tim Merkel, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

Wyoming CarbonSAFE: Accelerating CCUS Commercialization and Development of Dry Fork Power Station and the Wyoming Integrated Test Center (FE0031891)
Fred McLaughlin, University of Wyoming

Commercial Carbon Capture Design and Costing: Part Two (C3DC2) (FE0031840)
Andrew Awtry, ION Clean Energy, Inc.

Integrated Midcontinent Stacked Carbon Storage Hub(FE0031623)
Jared Walker, Battelle Memorial Institute

FEED Study Projects

Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) Study for a Carbon Capture Plant Retrofit to a Natural Gas-Fired Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant (FE0031848)
Bill Elliott, Bechtel National, Inc.

Piperazine Advanced Stripper Front End Engineering Design (FE0031844)
Gary Rochelle, University of Texas at Austin

Front-End Engineering Design Study for Retrofit Post-Combustion Carbon Capture on a Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant (FE0031842)
Abhoyjit Bhown, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

Large Pilot Testing of Linde-BASF Advanced Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Technology at a Coal-Fired Power Plant (FE0031581)
Kevin O’Brien, University of Illinois

UKY-CAER Heat-Integrated Transformative CO2 Capture Process for Pulverized Coal Power Plants (FE0031583)
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Large Pilot Testing of the MTR Membrane Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process (FE0031587)
Richard Baker, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2020

International Perspectives

Technology Centre Mongstad Update
Ernst Axel and Arne Kolle, Technology Centre Mongstad

Northern Lights Update
Mike Carpenter and Audun Rosjorde, Gassnova

International CCUS Update from IEAGHG
Tim Dixon, IEAGHG

Update on CCS Progress in Canada
Corwyn Bruce, The International CCS Knowledge Centre

Policy and Financing Updates

Gianluca Di Federico, Baker Hughes

Mark Coalmer, Oil & Gas Climate Initiative

Brad Crabtree, Great Plains Institute, "45 Q Update & Emerging CCUS Policy”