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Performer:  Kettering University Location:  Flint, Michigan
Project Duration:  10/01/2015 – 07/31/2017 Award Number:  FE0026168
Technology Area:  Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Total Award Value:  $197,787
Key Technology:  Core Technology DOE Share:  $159,029
Performer Share:  $38,758

Multi-button SOFC cell test station<br/>shown with heated stainless steel
Multi-button SOFC cell test station
shown with heated stainless steel

Project Description

Kettering University will team with Delphi Automotive to improve solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) cathodes by studying composite cathodes made of lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite-cerium-doped zirconia (LSCF-CDZ) and determining strontium segregation prevention capabilities in order to enhance the performance, reliability, robustness, and endurance of commercial SOFC systems. Composite cathodes with differing compositions of LSCF and CDZ will be fabricated, characterized, and electrically tested to quantify improvements in SOFC electrical performance. The new cathodes will be screen printed on commercially available anode supported bi-layers, and button cell testing will be performed followed by post-mortem analysis. In addition, a performance baseline will be established using Delphi’s anode supported bi-layers and/or complete cells.

Project Benefits

The Kettering team will study compositions of LSCF-CDZ to improve SOFC cathodes and thus enhance SOFC electrical performance. This advanced composite cathode technology research has the potential to improve cell reliability and reduce costs of SOFC systems.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Steven Markovich:
Technology Manager Shailesh Vora:
Principal Investigator Gianfranco DiGiuseppe: