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Performer:  Edison Welding Institute, Inc. Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Project Duration:  10/01/2014 – 10/31/2017 Award Number:  FE0023974
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $662,262
Key Technology:  High Performance Materials DOE Share:  $497,228
Performer Share:  $165,034

Project Description

Edison Welding Institute will develop a novel process to qualify the additive manufacturing (AM) technique of laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) for complex gas turbine components made of high temperature nickel-based alloys. The project objectives include evaluating the impact of (1) powder selection method, (2) AM machine process parameters, and (3) heat treat sensitivity on the manufacture of production-scale fuel injector tips.

Project Benefits

This project will also provide information that will assist in determining if other turbine components are candidates for AM fabrication. The AM flexibility will allow industrial gas turbine manufacturers to design features into the components that may improve turbine performance and durability. Other benefits include reduction in manufacturing time, scrap material elimination, development of an additive manufacturing process that can improve both material and mechanical properties with little to no impact on durability compared to the traditional investment cast process.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

  • Additive Manufacturing of Fuel Injectors (March 2017)
    Presented by Mahdi Jamshidinia, Edison Welding Institute, Inc., Project Review Meeting for Crosscutting Research, Gasification Systems, and Rare Earth Elements Research Portfolios, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Additive Manufacturing of Fuel Injectors (April 2016)
    Presented by Mahdi Jamshidinia, Edison Welding Institute, Inc., 2016 NETL Crosscutting Technology Research Review Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Sydni Credle:
Technology Manager Briggs White:
Principal Investigator Shawn Kelly: