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Performer:  Altex Technologies Corporation Location:  Santa Clara, California
Project Duration:  10/01/2012 – 03/31/2016 Award Number:  FE0010427
Technology Area:  Coal and Coal Biomass to Liquids Total Award Value:  $1,138,742
Key Technology:  Advanced Fuels Synthesis DOE Share:  $849,535
Performer Share:  $289,207

Altex Coal Biomass to Drop-In Fuels Process
Altex Coal Biomass to Drop-In Fuels Process

Project Description

Altex Technologies Corporation is fabricating and testing a lab scale liquid fuel production system using coal containing different percentages of biomass such as corn stover and switchgrass at a rate of two liters per day.

Project Benefits

This Altex Technologies Corporation project will develop and test an integrated laboratory-scale coal-and-biomass-to-fuels system (CBTL). The impact of this project will be to develop a cost-effective gasification-based CBTL process to produce renewable liquid fuels that will provide diversity of fuel supply and energy security while resulting in lower future capital and operating costs. Specifically, this project will design and build (1) an innovative upstream process that converts the solid feed into a highly reactive intermediate and (2) a downstream process which converts the intermediate product into liquid fuel using a low-temperature catalytic system.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Steven Markovich:
Technology Manager Jenny Tennant:
Principal Investigator Mehdi Namazian: