Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography for Real-Time Measurement of Solids Circulation Rate at High Temperatures Email Page
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Performer:  Tech4Imaging Location:  Columbus, OH
Project Duration:  06/09/2014 – 07/30/2019 Award Number:  SC0011936
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $2,159,964
Key Technology:  Sensors & Controls DOE Share:  $2,159,964
Performer Share:  $0

Top: Illustration of AECVT system. Bottom: High resolution illustration of AECVT compared to ECVT
Top: Illustration of AECVT system. Bottom: High resolution illustration of AECVT compared to ECVT

Project Description

In this Phase II effort, Tech4Imaging LLC will build a functional prototype of an adaptive electrical capacitance volume tomography (AECVT) system for gauging the mass flow of solids circulating in high-temperature (greater than 750 degrees Celsius) environments. AECVT is a newly developed technology that can provide three-dimensional imaging of multiphase flow behavior in real time. Devices that can accurately measure the solids flow rate of an operating gas-solid system would be of great value for optimizing and controlling the combustion processes in advanced reactors. Presently, the availability of such devices, particularly for operation at high temperatures, is very limited. However, simulation and preliminary measurement results verified the feasibility of the AECVT architecture during Phase I. The intrinsic high speed of the capacitance-measuring technology and high-resolution capability of AECVT technology will enable mass-flow measurements at 5 percent spatial and 1 hertz temporal resolutions. Capacitance sensors exhibit good safety, flexibility, and suitability for scale-up that make them advantageous for industrial applications. The current effort will focus on optimizing sensors, electronic hardware, and feature-extraction software for hot-flow applications based on AECVT technology. AECVT provides orders of magnitude increases of independent capacitance measurements compared to conventional ECVT. This allows for zooming into specific regions in the imaging domain.

Project Benefits

Successful completion of Phase II will provide a prototype of an AECVT system for high-temperature applications in the harsh conditions of reactors that can be extended to many energy-related applications. In addition to advancing multi-phase flow research of hot systems by providing access to obscure locations within a flow system, the proposed research has a very high potential to attract commercial interest as the need for advanced instrumentation to address the greater sophistication of advanced power plants becomes critical, thus spurring economic growth.

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