Steven Woodruff

Dr. Steven Woodruff has been a valued researcher at NETL since 1983. He currently leads the Sensors and Diagnostic Team in NETL’s Research and Development Thermal Sciences Division where his work focuses on the development of optical diagnostic techniques. Some of the recent projects Woodruff has been involved with have included the Raman Gas analyzer which gives total gas analysis in 1 second or faster, a laser spark plug for natural gas fueled engines, and a mini-slab laser for micro sensor applications.

Woodruff considers the wide reach of his projects to be one of the most rewarding elements of his research. “My work touches many different projects solving different unique problems often in challenging circumstances.  Sometimes the solution is very complicated and sometimes simple, but it’s always satisfying to quickly come up with an answer developed from components found in our lab.” In his spare time, Woodruff makes an effort to give back to the community, serving on the Morgantown Green Team, a citizen group which advised the Morgantown city administration and council on energy efficiency and environmental issues. He is also proud to have been part of the West Virginia Science Bowl for 24 years and served as the state coordinator for 12 years.