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Regenerable Non-Aqueous Basic Immobilized Amine Slurries for Removal of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from a Gaseous Mixture U.S. Patent Pending
Efficient Process for Converting Methane to Syngas U.S. Patent Pending

The NETL technology portfolio contains energy innovations for cleaner and more efficient energy generation with an emphasis on fossil based sources. NETL technologies range from materials, processes, and designs that enable next generation coal and natural gas power plants and CO2 capture technologies to new sensors for oil and gas extraction. Browse technologies available for licensing by category below or use the search feature. License agreements and collaborative research agreements are available as partnership mechanisms.

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  • Structural and functional materials
  • Advanced alloys
  • Refractories and ceramics
  • Natural and engineered material characterization
  • Methods and materials that help to manage environmental control mechanisms, providing cleaner power generation systems.
  • Synthesis, purification, and basic characterization of organic substances, including polymers and ionic liquids.
  • Computational and experimental approaches
  • Sorbents and membranes
  • Advanced sensor and diagnostic technology
  • Non-intrusive measurement and measurement in extreme environments.
  • Advanced multiphase reactor concepts and designs
  • Hybrid power systems
  • Fuel cells
  • Physics-based simulation models, and methods for process and equipment designs.
  • Multiphase flow
  • Multi-scale simulation, optimization, and visualization

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