Natural Gas Resources

Natural Gas Resources

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Project Name

Primary Performer

12122-52 Connectivity between Fractures and Pores in Hydrocarbon-rich mudrocks University of Texas - Austin
11122-07 Conductivity of Complex Fracturing in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs  Texas A&M University - TEES
11122-20 Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Gas Technology Istitute
11122-63 Petrophysics and Tight Rock Characterization for the Application of Improved Stimulation and Production Technology in Shales Oklahoma State University 


Predicting Higher than Average Permeability Zones in Tight-Gas Sands, Piceance Basin: An Integrated Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis

Colorado School of Mines


Diagnosis of Multi-Stage Fracturing in Horizontal Well by Downhole Temperature Measurement for Unconventional Oil and Gas Wells

Texas A&M University


A Geomechanical Analysis of Gas Shale Fracturing and Its Containment

Texas A&M University


Prediction of Fault Reactivation in Hydraulic Fracturing of Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs

West Virginia University Research Corporation


Cretaceous Mancos Shale Uinta Basin, Utah: Resource Potential and Best Practices for an Emerging Shale Gas Play

Utah Geological Survey


Simulation of Shale Gas Reservoirs Incorporating Appropriate Pore Geometry and the Correct Physics of Capillarity and Fluid Transport

Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma


A Geomechanical Model for Gas Shales Based on the Integration of Stress Measurements and Petrophysical Data From the Greater Marcellus Gas System

The Pennsylvania State University


Improved Drilling and Fracturing Fluids for Shale Gas Reservoirs

The University of Texas at Austin

Shale Gas and Other Natural Gas Resources


Environmental | Shale Gas | Other Natural Gas Resources

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Project Name

Primary Performer

DE-FE0013723 Development of Nanoparticle-Stabilized Foams To Improve Performance of Water-less Hydraulic Fracturing The University of Texas at Austin

Development and Validation of an Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Process for Source Water



Measurements and Modeling to Quantify Emissions of Methane and VOCs from Shale Gas Operations

Carnegie Mellon University


Assessing Fugitive Methane Emissions Using Natural Gas Engines in Unconventional Resource Development

West Virginia University


Continuous, Regional Methane Emissions Estimates in Northern Pennsylvania Gas Fields Using Atmospheric Inversions

The Pennsylvania State University 


Swellable Organosilica Materials to Clean Produced Water

Absorbent Materials Corporation


Sustainable Management of Flowback Water During Hydraulic Fracturing of Marcellus Shale for Natural Gas Production

University of Pittsburgh


Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) and Cost Effective Regulatory Approaches (CERA) Related to Hydraulic Fracturing and Geologic Sequestration of CO2

Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC)

12122-15 Measure of Hydrocarbon and GHG Emissions from Uncharacterized Area Sources Utah State University
12122-91 4D integrated study to Develop Assessment Models for Potential Induced Seismicity Risk University of Oklahoma
12122-95 Reconciling Top-down and Bottom-up GHG and Air Pollutant Emissions Estimates from UOG Development in the D-J Basin  Colorado School of Mines 
Cost-Effective Treatment of Produced Water Using Co-Produced Energy Sources - Phase II: Field Scale Demo and Commercialization
Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC)
Basin-Scale Produced Water Management Tools and Options, Uinta Basin, Utah
Utah Geologic Survey
11122-27 Development of  Strategies to Manage Fluid Disposal in Shale Hydrocarbon Plays University of Texas - Austin 
11122-31 Development of Plasma Technology for the Management of Frac/Produced Water Drexel University 
11122-42 Annular Isolation in Shale Gas Wells: Prevention and Remediation of Sustained Casing Pressure and other Isolation Breaches CSI Technologies, LLC
11122-55 Development of GIS-Based Tool for Optimized Fluid Management in Shale Operations Colorado State University 
11122-73 Development of Subsurface Brine Disposal Framework in the Northern Appalachian Basin Battelle
11122-57 Advanced Treatment of Shale Gas Frac Water to Produce NPDES Quality Water SwRI 
11122-56 Managing Environmental Roadblocks to Shale Gas Development: Shallow Gas, NORMs, and Trace Metals (Texas)  University of Texas - Austin 
11122-60 Cost-Effective Treatment of Flowback and Produced Waters via an Integrated Precipitative Supercritical Process Ohio University 
11122-71 Water Handling and Enhanced Productivity from Gas Shales University of Southern California
11122-53 Web-based Tool for Flowback and Produced Water Characterization, Treatment and Beneficial Use Colorado School of Mines
11122-45 Advanced Analytical Methods for Air and Stray Gas Emissions and Produced Brine Characterization GSI Environmental Inc. 

Development of Non-Contaminating Cryogenic Fracturing Technology for Shale and Tight Gas Reservoirs

Colorado School of Mines


Novel Engineered Osmosis Technology: A Comprehensive Approach to the Treatment and Reuse of Produced Water and Drilling Wastewater

Colorado School of Mines

Shale Gas and Other Natural Gas Resources

Other Natural Gas Related Projects | Shale Gas | Environmental

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Project Name

Primary Performer


Ultra-Deepwater and Unconventional Natural Gas & Other Petroleum Resources Program Consortium

Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)

DE-FE0014144 "Nanite" for Better Well-Bore Integrity and Zonal Isolation


DE-FE0013902 Evaluation of Deep Subsurface Resistivity Imaging for Hydrofracture Monitoring GroundMetrics, Inc.


New Generation Hydraulic Fracturing Model for Horizontal Wells

University of Texas at Austin


Fabry-Perot MEMS Accelerometers for Advanced Seismic Imaging

Lumedyne Technologies Incorporated


RVA: 3-D Visualization and Analysis Software to Support Management of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources

University of Illinois/Illinois State Geological Survey

Stripper Well Consortium

Pennsylvania State University
Field Demo of Eco-Friendly Propped Hydraulic Fractures
DaniMer Scientific, LLC


Gas Well Pressure Drop Prediction under Foam Flow Conditions

University of Tulsa

Completed Shale Gas and Other Natural Gas Resources Projects

Hybrid Rotor Compression for Multiphase and Liquids-Rich Wellhead Production Applications
OsComp Systems Inc.
10122-19 Lowering Drilling Cost, Improving Operational Safety, and Reducing Environmental Impact through Zonal Isolation Improvement for Horizontal Wells Drilled in the Marcellus and Haynesville Shales CSI Technologies, LLC
10122-07 NORM Mitigation and Clean Water Recovery from Marcellus Frac Water GE Global Research


Using Single-Molecule Imaging System Combined with Nano-fluidic Chip to Understand Fluid Flow in Tight and Shale Gas Formation Missouri University of Science and Technology
09123-11 Treatment and Beneficial Reuse of Produced Waters Using A Novel Pervaporation-Based Irrigation Technology University of Wyoming


Characterizing Stimulation Domains for Improved Well Completions in Gas Shales Higgs-Palmer Technologies 
09122-04 Marcellus Gas Shale Project Gas Technology Institute


Integrated Experimental and Modeling Approaches to Studying the Fracture-Matrix Interaction in Gas Recovery from Barnett Shale University of Texas at Arlington 


Multiazimuth Seismic Diffraction Imaging for Fracture Characterization in Low-Permeability Gas Formations

Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin


Liquefaction of Coal Mine Methane to Produce LNG for Industrial and Transportation Applications

Appalachian-Pacific Coal Mine Methane Power Co, LLC


Alaska North Slope Oil and Gas Transportation Support System

Geo-Watersheds Scientific


Integration Of Water Resource Models With Fayetteville Shale Decision and Support Systems

University of Arkansas


Produced Water Treatment Catalog and Decision Tool

Arthur Langhus Layne, LLC


Liquefaction of Coal Mine Methane to produce LNG for Industrial and Transportation Applications

Appalachian-Pacific Coal Mine Methane Power Co, LLC

DE-FE0000888 Water Management Strategies for Improved Coalbed Methane Production in the Black Warrior Basin Geological Survey of Alabama


Unconventional High Temperature Nanofiltration for Produced Water Treatment

Eltron Research & Development Inc.

DE-FE0005975 Measuring Fracture Density and Orientation in Unconventional Reservoirs with Simple-source Vertical Seismic Profiles University of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology


Innovative Water Management Technology to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Produced Water

Clemson University


North Slope Decision Support for Water Resource Planning and Management

University of Alaska Fairbanks


Using Artificial Barriers to Augment Fresh Water Supplies in Shallow Arctic Lakes

University of Alaska Fairbanks


Pilot Testing: Pretreatment Options to Allow Re-Use of Frac Flowback and Produced Brine for Gas Shale Resource Development

Texas A&M University


Comprehensive Lifecycle Planning and Management System for Addressing Water Issues Associated With Shale Gas Development in New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

Arthur Langhus Layne, LLC


Zero Discharge Water Management for Horizontal Shale Gas Well Development

West Virginia University


Produced Water Treatment Catalog and Precision Tool

Arthur Langhus Layne, LLC

The Bakken-An Unconventional Petroleum and Reservoir System

Colorado Energy Research Institute, Colorado School of Mines

09123-20 Creating Fractures Past Damage More Effectively With Less Environmental Damage

DaniMer Scientific, LLC

08123-10 Electrical Power Generation from Produced Water: Field Demonstration of Ways to Reduce Operating Costs of Small Producers Gulf Coast Green Energy


Novel Gas Isotope Interpretation Tools to Optimize Gas Shale Production

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

08122-05 Barnett and Appalachian Shale Water Management and Reuse Technologies Gas Technology Institute


The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)


Pretreatment and Water Management for Frac Water Reuse and Salt Production

GE Global Research


Sustaining Fracture Area and Conductivity of Gas Shale Reservoirs for Enhancing Long-Term Production and Recovery

Texas A&M University and TerraTek


Evaluation of Fracture Systems and Stress Fields within the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale and Characterization of Associated Water-Disposal Reservoirs: Appalachian Basin

Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin


Coupled Flow-Geomechanical-Geophysical-Geochemical (F3G) Analysis of Tight Gas Production

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)


Reservoir Connectivity and Stimulated Gas Flow in Tight Sands

The Colorado School of Mines


Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Technology for Unconventional Tight Gas Reservoirs

Texas Engineering Experiment Station


Novel Fluids for Gas Productivity Enhancement in Tight Formations

University of Tulsa


Application Of Natural Gas Composition To Modeling Communication Within And Filling Of Large Tight-Gas-Sand Reservoirs, Rocky Mountains

The Colorado School of Mines


Improved Reservoir Access Through Refracture Treatments in Tight Gas Sands and Gas Shales

University of Texas, Austin


Gas Production Forecasting from Tight Gas Reservoirs: Integrating Natural Fracture Networks and Hydraulic Fractures

University of Utah


Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resources of the Colorado Plateau and Eastern Great Basin, Utah: Multiple Frontier Exploration Opportunities
Well Database [xls]

Utah Geological Survey


Petrophysical Studies of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Using High-Resolution Rock Imaging

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division

07123-07 Reducing Impacts of New Pit Rules on Small Producers New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


Novel Concepts for Unconventional Gas Development in Shales, Tight Sands and Coalbeds

Carter Technology


An Integrated Framework for the Treatment and Management of Produced Water

Colorado School of Mines


Comprehensive Investigation of the Biogeochemical Factors Enhancing Microbially Generated Methane in Coal Beds

The Colorado School of Mines


New Albany Shale Gas

Gas Technology Institute (GTI)


Geological Foundation for Production of Natural Gas from Diverse Shale Formations

Geological Survey of Alabama


A Self-Teaching Expert System for the Analysis, Design and Prediction of Gas Production from Unconventional Gas Resources

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)


Enhancing Appalachian Coalbed Methane Extraction by Microwave-Induced Fractures

The Pennsylvania State University


Gas-Condensate Productivity in Tight Gas Sands

Stanford University / Department of Energy Resources


Optimizing Development Strategies to Increase Reserves in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Texas Engineering Experiment Station


Optimization of Infill Well Locations in Wamsutter Field 

University of Tulsa


Improvement of Fracturing for Gas Shales

University of Texas at Austin