Well Log Data from the 2007 Mt. Elbert Test

Well log Data From BP-DOE-US "Mount Elbert" Test Available

The following digital well log data acquired at the February 2007 gas hydrates test well at Milne Point, Alaska are now available:

  • Gamma ray (lithology)
  • Neutron and density (porosity)
  • Three-dimensional high resolution resistivity (gas hydrate occurrence and saturations)
  • Acoustics including compressional- and shear-wave data (gas hydrate occurrence and saturations)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (gas hydrate occurrence and saturations along with reservoir fluid properties)

The data will be available by contacting Karl Lang (karl.lang@contr.netl.doe.gov).

Project background information - Alaska North Slope Gas Hydrate Reservoir Characterization - DE-FC26-01NT41332