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Analysis Focus: Non-power Products/Co-Products

Cost of Capturing CO2 from Industrial Sources

Date: 1/10/2014
Contact: William Summers

This National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) study evaluates the costs associated with capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial processes. Only those processes with effluent streams containing CO2 concentrations higher than those found in flue gas from coal-fired power plants (CFPP, ~17 mole %) were considered. Nine processes were categorized based on CO2 purity. The high purity sources (greater than 90 volume %) include: Ethanol, Ammonia, Natural Gas Processing, Ethylene Oxide (EO), Coal-to-Liquids (CTL), and Gas-to-Liquids (GTL). The low purity sources (less than 90 volume %) include: Hydrogen (Refinery), Steel, and Cement. The two parameters that have the greatest effect on cost (calculated as the breakeven selling price in $/tonne CO2) is the CO2 concentration and scale of the effluent stream. The higher the CO2 concentration (precluding the need for separation and purification) and the larger the effluent stream (economies of scale), the lower the respective cost.