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Performer: Louisiana State University
Relevant Infrastructure in the LCC
Relevant Infrastructure in the LCC
Website: Louisiana State University
Award Number: FE0029274
Project Duration: 02/01/2017 – 07/30/2018
Total Award Value: $1,339,660
DOE Share: $1,052,600
Performer Share: $287,060
Technology Area: Storage Infrastructure
Key Technology: Characterization Field Projects (Onshore & Offshore)
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Project Description

This project will develop a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders to analyze the feasibility of an integrated CCS site and conduct a detailed sub-basinal evaluation of the potential for CO2 storage in both depleted oil and gas fields and saline reservoirs in South Louisiana. The team will conduct geological modeling to evaluate storage potential and screen for potential issues with induced seismicity. Logistical systems that utilize existing natural gas lines will be analyzed to determine the feasibility of converting them to CO2 service.

Project Benefits

The goal of this project is to develop a plan that removes several million tons of CO2 per year from the refining and petrochemical industry that would otherwise be added to the atmosphere. The project will advance the state of development of a commercial-scale carbon storage complex in Louisiana by identifying CO2 sources, estimating capture costs at alternative industrial sites, estimating plant costs, and modelling the spatial distribution of CO2 storage capacity and its effects on induced seismicity. The proposed project will support goals 1 and 2 of the Carbon Storage Program through the use of the National Energy Technology Laboratory models, specifically the National Risk Assessment Partnership Toolset and the Carbon Storage Screening Tool.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Andrea McNemar:
Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Dr. David Dismukes:


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