Offshore Storage Resource Assessment
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Denver, Colorado
Project Duration: 10/01/2015 – 09/30/2017
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Storage Infrastructure 
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Characterization Field Projects (Onshore & Offshore)
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Project Description

NITEC, LLC is developing a high level quantitative assessment of the CO2 volume that can be stored in depleted oil and natural gas fields in the offshore federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) on a field by field basis. This project is establishing a ranked list of fields based on prospective CO2 sequestration volume. This enables future, more detailed studies to focus on specific fields based on their size, location and currently available public data. Accordingly, it is highlighting areas of the offshore GOM where there are deficiencies in candidate fields for CO2 storage either due to size, lack of data, or oil and natural gas remaining depletion life. The project is estimating individual field storage resource using DOE developed volumetric equations. This use of these equations require assessment of the in-situ hydrocarbon fluid volumes for the field under evaluation. This project is utilizing public data from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) reserves database5, and from a well reputed, large database (250,000+ wells) of GOM well and production data marketed by IHS, Inc. The databases will be used along with geological and petrophysical software (Petra) to identify depleted oil and gas fields in the Federal GOM region.

Project Benefits

This project focuses on assessing the storage resource estimate in depleted oil and natural gas fields in the federal waters of the GOM with and without the addition of enhanced oil recovery operations. This field by field study is supporting industry’s ability to predict the CO2 storage capacity in the offshore depleted fields. Offshore storage may have benefit over traditional onshore storage and a knowledge of offshore storage resources is a first step in utilizing these reservoirs. Specifically, the project is augmenting DOE developed volumetric equations used to estimate storage resource with simple, yet rigorous compositional reservoir simulation models using software.

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