Southeast Offshore Storage Resource Assessment 
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Performer:  Southern States Energy Board
Figure 1: Regional map showing the proposed
Southeast Offshore Storage Resource Assessment
(SOSRA) study area.
Website:  Southern States Energy Board
Award Number:  FE0026086
Project Duration:  10/01/2015 – 09/30/2018
Total Award Value:  $4,951,808
DOE Share:  $3,916,925
Performer Share:  $1,034,883
Technology Area:  Storage Infrastructure 
Key Technology:  Characterization Field Projects (Onshore & Offshore)
Location:  Norcross, Georgia

Project Description

The Southeast Offshore Storage Resource Assessment (SOSRA) project is assessing prospective geologic storage resources for carbon dioxide (CO2) in State and Federal waters of the Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and the eastern Gulf of Mexico (Figure 1). The project is defining the size and geology of the prospective storage resources (including areal extent, thickness, and physical properties such as porosity and permeability) using existing geologic and geophysical data such as seismic reflection surveys, geophysical well logs, and supporting reservoir data (pressure, temperature, etc.). A diverse suite of data analysis techniques is being used to ensure that a high quality assessment is performed to meet the goal of predicting storage capacity to within 30 percent. The analysis started with a survey of available knowledge to provide an overview the basic geologic framework of the project regions, identify potential storage units in those regions, and define the key planning areas. The initial phase of work concludes with a comprehensive analysis of available data that includes a quality and coverage assessment. The second phase of work continues characterization of offshore CO2 storage opportunities, performs a volumetric CO2 storage assessment, contributes to the development of best practice manuals and identifies economic and technical barriers that must be addressed or avoided to ensure timely deployment.

Project Benefits

This project is developing a prospective storage resource assessment of subsurface depleted oil and natural gas reservoirs and saline formations at offshore regions along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The project is utilizing information to locate and determine the areal extent of sedimentary basins and properties of the geological formations within those basins for their utility as potential storage reservoirs and seals. Development of Best Practice Manuals based on this research will significantly advance the state of knowledge by identifying paths to deployment and applicable technologies that improve storage effectiveness while reducing operational cost. This research is also identifying economic and technical barriers that must be addressed or avoided to ensure timely deployment.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Mary Sullivan:
Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Kenneth J. Nemeth:
Program Manager
Darin Damiani:
Offshore HQ
Jeff Summers:


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