Recovery Act: Demonstration of CO2 Capture and Sequestration for Steam Methane Reforming Process Gas Used for Large-Scale Hydrogen Production
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Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Port Arthur, Texas
Project Duration: 11/16/2009 – 09/30/2017
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Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (ICCS)
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Key Technology:
Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Compression, CO2 Storage
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Project Timeline

Project Description

  Port Arthur 2 plant

Air Products has designed, constructed and is operating a state-of-the-art system to capture the CO2 emitted from two large steam methane reformers. The reformers are located in Port Arthur, Texas and used by Air Products for large-scale hydrogen production. The CO2 removal units utilize VSA. Air Products is working with Denbury Resources, Inc., to transport the captured gas via pipeline to oil fields in eastern Texas where it is used for Enhanced Oil Recovery and thereby sequestered.

Project Benefits

The ICCS Program large-scale industrial demonstration requirements will be met by the capture of CO2 from two steam methane reformer process gas streams and the delivery of approximately 1 million tonnes per year of CO2 to a nearby oil field for an enhanced oil recovery application and ultimately sequestration. The project will advance the integration of VSA technology applied to the capture of CO2 and large-scale CO2 drying and compression into an operating hydrogen production facility.

Project Status

Project design and construction have been completed. The project is in operation and has captured and sequestered its 2nd million tonnes of CO2 in May 2015.

Presentations, Papers and Publications

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Anthony Zinn:
Technology Manager Michael Knaggs:
Principal Investigator Gloria Power: