Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program: Round 2

PFBC Utility Demonstration Project (There is no Project Brief for this project)

The Appalachian Power Company, Roanoke, VA


  • Annual/Quarterly Technical Reports
    • Clean Coal II - PFBC Utility Demonstration Project, 1992 Annual Report (Dec1992)
      U.S. Department of Energy report DOE/MC/26304-3497 (Available from NTIS as DE94000029)
    • PFBC Utility Demonstration Project: 1991 Annual Report (Nov 1992)
      U.S. Department of Energy report DOE/MC/26304-3194 (Available from NTIS as DE93000233)
  • Comprehensive Report to Congress
    • Comprehensive Report to Congress on the Clean, Coal Technology Program: PFBC Utility Demonstration Project (Feb 1990)
      U.S. Department of Energy report DOE/FE-0159 (Available from NTIS as DE90008094)


  • No papers or presentations available