2016 Turbines Project Portfolio

Turbines are the main power producing components for fossil fuel electricity generation. The Advanced Turbines Program is focused on R&D activities to develop technologies that will accelerate turbine performance, efficiency, and emissions reduction beyond current state-of-the-art and reduce the risk to market for novel and advanced turbine-based power cycles. Project emphasis is on understanding the underlying factors affecting combustion, aerodynamics/heat transfer, and materials for advanced turbines and turbine based power cycles.

Advanced Turbines Project Portfolio
The Advanced Turbines (AT) Project Portfolio provides an overview of the AT Program, including a description of key technology areas, information on projects, location map, and contact information for personnel supporting the AT Program.

The Advanced Turbines research and development (R&D) approach is organized in three key areas: 1. Advanced Combustion Turbines; 2. Supercritical CO2 (SCO2) Turbomachinery; 3. Pressure Gain Combustion.

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