The supercritical CO2-based power cycle utilizes high and low temperature recuperators to recover heat in the process and increase cycle efficiency. The recuperator projects focus on the advancement of technologies and designs, along with the fabrication of recuperative heat exchangers. Work includes development and testing of innovative compact, high surface area density (>700 m2/m3) recuperator designs and identification of compatible materials to allow for highly efficient heat transfer under operation at high inlet temperatures and large pressure differentials typical of the supercritical CO2 power cycles. Multiple compact heat exchanger concepts will be identified, developed, and evaluated. Achieving recuperator cost and performance targets is vital to enabling commercial implementation of the sCO2 power cycle.

NETL supports several sCO2 recuperator projects.

Altex High Effectiveness Low Cost (HELC) Recuperator

Brayton Energy LLC Compact Heat Exchanger