SCO2 Projects Summary Table by State
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FE0024058 Low Cost Recuperative Heat Exchanger for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Systems Altex Technologies Corp.
High Efficiency Thermal Integration of Supercritical CO2 Brayton Power Cycles for Oxy-Fired Heaters Electric Power Research Institute
SC0015111 Ceramic-Metal Joining of Components Used at High-Temperature and High Pressure (CEMHIP) Physical Optics Corporation
SC0017230 Highly Scalable Large-Eddy Simulations of Oxy-Fuel Combustors for Direct-Fired Supercritical CO2 Power Cascade Technologies, Inc.
Chemical Kinetic Modeling Development and Validation Experiments for Direct Fired Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Combustor
University of Central Florida
Investigation of Autoignition and Combustion Stability of High Pressure Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Oxycombustion
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
SC0017241 Multiscale Modeling of Supercritical Combustion with Two-Level Simulation on Adaptive Beamlets Symplectic Research Inc.
FE0028979 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pilot Plant Test Facility Gas Technology Institute
SC0017236 PIV-Validated RANS Turbulence Modeling for Buoyant Supercritical CO2 Flows Illinois Rocstar LLC
Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Combustion at Supercritical Conditions
Dena Scientific
New Jersey
SC0013691 An Advanced Gas Foil Bearing Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide as the Working Fluid Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
New York
FE0024007 Development of Low-Leakage Shaft End Seals for Utility-Scale Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SCO2) Turbo Expanders General Electric Company
FE0026273 Technology Development of Modular, Low-Cost, High-Temperature Recuperators for SCO2 Power Cycles Thar Energy LLC
SC0017235 Combustion Modeling for Direct Fired Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles Combustion Research and Flow Technology Inc.
FWP-FEAA125 Properties of Advanced Ni-Based Alloys for A-USC Steam Turbines ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
FWP-FEAA123 Advanced Materials Issues in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
FE0024041 High Inlet Temperature Combustor for Direct Fired Supercritical Oxy-Combustion Southwest Research Institute
FE0025348 Absorption/Desorption Based High Efficiency Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycles Southwest Research Institute

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