SCO2 Project Portfolio

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide power cycles offer potential for higher efficiency with lower cost of electricity compared to state-of-the-art steam based cycles. The Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technology work focuses on the development of turbomachinery, recuperators, oxy-fuel combustion systems, as well as systems optimization and integration to develop the cycle towards commercialization.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technology Project Portfolio
The Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technology Project Portfolio provides an overview of the sCO2 Technology Program, including a description of key technology areas, information on projects, location map, and contact information for personnel supporting the sCO2 Technology Program. Projects on the development of the specific areas of the supercritical CO2 power cycle are funded within several FE programs, specifically Advanced Turbines, Advanced Combustion Systems, and Crosscutting Technology Research, as well as STEP.

The Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technology research and development (R&D) approach is organized in four key areas: 1. Recuperators; 2. Turbomachinery; 3. Advanced Concepts for Direct-Fired Cycles; 4. Systems Integration and Optimization.

The DOE has taken a leading role in supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles R&D. NETL is sponsoring R&D on sCO2 power cycles for fossil energy applications, as described in the sCO2 Project Portfolio above. Overall, there is extensive activity in the field on the development of sCO2 power cycles. See the timelines below, highlighting the history of: (1) DOE sCO2 power cycles development, (2) sCO2 power cycles conferences, symposia, and workshops, and (3) key literature in the field.

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