Development of an Integrated Multi-Contaminant Removal Process Applied to Warm Syngas Cleanup for Coal-Based Advanced Gasification Systems

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Objective: This project is to develop two bulk sulfur removal processes: (1) The solvent-based high pressure University of California Sulfur Recovery Process (UCSRP-HP), and (2) The CrystaSulf-DO process. The vision (outside this project) is that the CrstaSulf-DO bulk removal process will be used in concert with the CrystaSulf process to obtain near zero levels of sulfur. (The CrystaSulf-DO process was designed clean syngas from low sulfur coals to near zero emissions.) Both technologies directly convert the H2S in syngas into elemental sulfur at 285 to 300°F; a significant difference is that the UCSRP is a solvent-based process, while the CrystaSulf-DO process uses a dry catalyst.

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Jenny Tennant (304) 285-4830

Organization: Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
Project Timeline: Start: 06/01/2005
End: 11/30/2010

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