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Long-Term Candle Filter Tests

Performer: Southern Company Services, Inc.

Project No: NT0000749

Project Description

The transport gasifier operating at the Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF) is a circulating fluidized bed reactor designed to operate at higher circulation rates and riser densities than conventional circulating bed units. The higher circulation rates result in better mixing, higher mass and heat transfer rates, and higher carbon conversion. Since the gasifier uses a dry feed system and does not slag the ash, it is well suited for high-ash fuels such as sub-bituminous and lignite coals, but can also process some higher-rank coals.

Filter element testing at the PSDF is conducted during gasification runs with Powder River Basin sub-bituminous coal, or one of several bituminous and lignite coals. After certain test runs, selected filter elements are removed for detailed inspection, flow tested to check for any change in pressure drop characteristics, and bubble tested to identify any media or weld problems. Scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive x-ray analysis is used for detailed examination of corrosion and ash plugging in selected filter element sections.


Project Details