A Novel Sorbent-Based Process for High Temperature Trace Metal Removal

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Objective: The objective of this completed project was to develop a novel gas cleaning technology for removing multiple trace metals (e.g., mercury, arsenic, selenium, cadmium) from coal-derived synthesis gas at high temperature. A prototype test unit was designed, built and installed as a slipstream field test unit at a gasification facility. The performance of sorbent and prototype unit operations were evaluated using real syngas from a coal gasifier, and the removal mechanisms of the trace metals and the impact of other coal gas impurities on the operation of the sorbent will be analyzed. Project results are available in the project's final report, a link is provided below.

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Steve Markovich (304) 285- 4735

Organization: TDA Research, Inc.
Project Timeline: Start: 06/02/2005
End:  09/30/2008

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