Evaluation of a Cyclone and Hot Gas Filter System

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Objective: A DOE funded analysis of the E-Gas gasification process showed that reduction of the cost of particulate removal would significantly improve the cost of electricity produced by an E-Gas-based gasification power plant. The E-Gas system currently uses metal candle filters to remove particulates. The objective of this project is to evaluate the economic benefits of a hybrid cyclone-filter particulate removal system over the currently used filtration system. Part of this analysis will include information gathered through field tests of the hybrid system. The field tests will be performed at the Wabash River Gasification Facility in West Terre Haute, IN, on a 1:250 scale slip stream from an E-Gas gasifier.

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Jenny Tennant (304) 285-4830

Organization: ConocoPhillips Company
Project Timeline: Start: 09/30/2002
End:  04/30/2010

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