CCS and Power Systems


Refractory Improvement

Performer: NETL Research & Innovation Center

Project No: FWP-2012.03.03 Task 2

Project Description

The gasification industry, in an NETL survey, indicates a desired on-line plant availability of 85-95% for utility applications and 95% for applications such as chemical production. Gasification facilities are currently unable to meet these requirements. This has created a potential roadblock to widespread acceptance and commercialization of gasification technologies. Refractory liners (and syngas coolers) are among key components of the gasification process identified as negatively impacting gasifier availability. Ash originating in the gasifier's carbon feedstock is the cause of many problems impacting gasifier reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM). At the high temperatures of gasification, ash changes to liquid, gas, and solid phases which wear down refractory materials and can cause fouling, either of which can lead to unplanned shutdowns for system repair. This research will increase gasifier capacity factor and RAM for lower cost of electricity (COE) via refractory development. Gasifier service life will be improved through both refractory development and research on additives to carbon feedstock that affect ash behavior.

Comparison of NETL developed refractory lining, conventional lining, and unused lining


Project Details