Hybrid Combustion-Gasification Chemical Looping Coal Power Technology Development

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Objective: The overall objective of this project is to develop and verify the high temperature chemical and thermal looping process concept at a small-scale pilot facility in order to enable ALSTOM to design, construct and demonstrate a pre-commercial, prototype version of this advanced system. The objective for Phase 1 is to develop the indirect combustion loop with CO2 separation, and also syngas production from coal with the calcium sulfide (CaS) / calcium sulfate (CaSO4) loop utilizing the small-scale pilot facility.  The objective for Phase 2 is to develop the lime (CaO) / calcium carbonate (CaCO3) loop to decarbonate the syngas, integrate it with the gasification loop from Phase 1, and ultimately demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen production from the combined loops.   This project will benefit the power industry by developing an efficient, cost effective integrated hybrid combustion-gasification process that will be capable of producing either syngas or hydrogen for gas turbines, fuel cells or other applications, while also producing a separate stream of CO2 for use or sequestration.

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Ronald Breault (304) 285-4486

Organization: ALSTOM Power, Inc., US Power Plant Laboratories
Project Timeline: Start: 09/30/2003
End:   09/30/2008

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