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Modification of the Developmental Pressure Decoupled Advanced Coal (PDAC) Feeder

Performer: Southern Company Services, Inc.

Project No: NT0000749

Project Description

The National Carbon Capture Center has been developing an innovative feed system, the Pressure Decoupled Advanced Coal (PDAC) feeder, a non-mechanical feed control device with no moving parts. In order to increase fuel flexibility for advanced coal-fired power systems, the PDAC is designed to handle a wide range of solid fuels. The driving force for solids flow is a pressure differential, and the solids flow is metered by the conveying gas. Current plans to optimize the performance of the PDAC include running the equipment at higher flow rates than have been achieved during normal gasifier testing. Testing results are expected to expand the operating window of the instruments and provide lower-cost operational improvements for a broad range of commercial gasifiers and the feeding of a variety of fuels including inexpensive and widely-available low-rank coals.


Project Details