Advanced Combustion

Flue Gas Purification Utilizing SOx NOx Reactions During Compression of CO2 Derived from Oxyfuel Combustion
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Project Number: DE-NT0005309

Air Products and Chemicals Inc. will demonstrate the feasibility of purifying the carbon dioxide (CO2) derived from an actual oxy-combustion flue gas. Acidic impurities within the captured CO2 product stream can include sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen chloride, and nitrogen oxides (NOx). In commercial application, it may be necessary to remove these acidic impurities from the CO2 stream before it is transported by pipeline in order to prevent corrosion or problems at the geologic sequestration site. This compression/purification technology system offers a novel way to handle the compression and purification of the CO2-rich flue gas stream. The process consists of two steps: 1) low pressure (1-30 bar) compression with SO2/NOx removal, and 2) high pressure (30-110 bar) compression with inert removal.

Air Products oxy-combustion process schematic.

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