Advanced Combustion Systems Archived Projects

Active Projects
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FC26-07NT43088 Recovery Act: Oxy-combustion: Oxygen Transport Membrane Development Praxair, Inc.
FE0009686 High Efficiency Molten-Bed Oxy-Coal Combustion with Low Flue Gas Recirculation Gas Technology Institute
FE0009478 Optimization of Pressurized Oxy-Combustion with Flameless Reactor Unity Power Alliance, LLC
FE0009395 Demonstration of a Novel Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle Utilizing Pressurized Oxy-combustion in Conjunction with Cryogenic Compression  Southwest Research Institute
FE0002402 Investigation on Flame Characteristics and Burner Operability Issues of Oxy-fuel Combustion University of Texas at El Paso
NT0005015 Clean and Secure Energy from Coal
The University of Utah
NT0005341 Near-Zero Emissions Oxy-combustion Flue Gas Purification Praxair
NT0005309 Flue Gas Purification Utilizing SOx/NOx Reactions During Compression of CO2 Derived from Oxyfuel Combustion Air Products & Chemicals Inc
NT0005290 Recovery Act: Oxy-Combustion Technology Development for Industrial-Scale Boiler Applications Alstom Power, Inc
NT0005288 Characterization and Prediction of Oxy-combustion Impacts in Existing Coal-Fired Boilers Reaction Engineering International
NT0005262 Oxy-combustion Boiler Material Development Foster Wheeler NA Corp.
NT42811 Jupiter Oxy-combustion and Integrated Pollutant Removal for the Existing Coal-Fired Power Generation Fleet Jupiter Oxygen Corporation
FC26-06NT42748 Pilot-Scale Demonstration of a Novel, Low-Cost Oxygen Supply Process and its Integration with Oxy-fuel Coal-Fired Boilers The BOC Group Inc
(now part of the Linde group)
FC26-06NT42747 Development of Cost-Effective Oxy-combustion Technology for Retrofitting Coal-Fired Boilers Babcock & Wilcox Company
FC26-05NT42430 Oxygen-Fired CO2 Recycle for Application to Direct CO2 Capture From Coal-Fired Power Plants SRI International
FC26-04NT42207 Conceptual Design of Supercritical Oxygen-Based PC Boiler Foster Wheeler NA Corp.
FC26-04NT42205 Commercialization Development of Oxygen-Fired CFB for Greenhouse Gas Control  Alstom
FC26-03NT41736 Conceptual Design of Oxygen-Based PC Boiler Foster Wheeler NA Corp.
FC26-01NT41147 Advanced Oxy-fuel Boilers and Process Heaters for Cost-Effective CO2 Capture and Sequestration Praxair
FC26-01NT41146 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Control by Oxygen Firing in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers Alstom
FWP49539 Evaluation of CO2 Capture/Utilization/Disposal Options Argonne National Lab
IEA-CANMET-CO2 CANMET CO2 Consortium-O2/CO2 Recycle Combustion Natural Resources Canada - CANMET

Chemical Looping Combustion
Agreement Number Project Title Performer Name
FE0009469 Solid-Fueled Pressurized Chemical Looping with Flue-Gas Turbine Combined Cycle for Improved Plant Efficiency University of Kentucky
FE0001808 Novel Oxygen Carriers for Coal-Fueled Chemical Looping Combustion Western Kentucky University
NT0005289 Coal Direct Chemical Looping Retrofit for Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plants with in situ CO2 Capture Ohio State University Research Foundation
NT0005286 Alstom’s Chemical Looping Combustion Prototype For CO2 Capture from Existing Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plants Alstom
NT0005015 Clean and Secure Energy from Coal The University of Utah