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The HBCU Program at NETL has grown since its inception in 1984 to currently include Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Other Minority Institutions (HBCU/OMI) Program provides a mechanism for cooperative research among minority-focused institutions, the private sector, and Federal agencies. The central thrust of the program is to generate fresh ideas and tap unique talent, define applicable fundamental scientific principles, and develop advanced concepts for generating new and improved technologies across the full spectrum of fossil energy R&D programs. The funding for a special university-only competition that required professors to conduct cutting-edge research alongside students who were pursuing advanced degrees in engineering, chemistry and other technical disciplines. Not only did new discoveries in energy science and technology emerge from the Nation's campuses, but also a new generation of scientists and engineers with hands-on experience in coal-related research entered into the Nation's workforce.

Since its inception, the program has emphasized improving the energy and environmental capabilities of advanced coal, oil, gas, and environmental technology concepts.

This program supports DOE's Strategic Plan for cooperative opportunities to perform fundamental and applied scientific research to advance domestic and global industrial competitiveness, clean energy research, national security, diversity initiatives, and environmental quality.