University Training and Research


The University Training and Research element consists of two activities:

  • University Coal Research (UCR)
  • Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Education and Training

University Coal ResearchUniversity Coal Research (UCR) Program  This activity continues to provide support to U.S. colleges and universities by emphasizing longer-term research structured to achieve FE’s strategic goals in concert with student education in relevant fossil energy related topics. Key research areas supported by this program include near-zero emission power plants, carbon capture; computational energy sciences, development of advanced high performance materials, sensors and controls, and the development of advanced coal power generation systems. The program solicits applications for research projects from universities through FOAs, resulting in multiple grants with a maximum value of $300,000 over a two to three-year period. Given current funding levels, it is anticipated that six to eight (6-8) competitively selected grants can be awarded annually. In addition, each participating university is required to provide research education support to at least one student.

Historical Black Colleges and UniversitiesHistorical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Education and Training: This activity continues to support historically black colleges and other minority institutions (OMI) with research grants which emphasize long-term research for achieving FE’s strategic objectives. The research focus of this continued effort has been on sensors and controls; computational energy sciences; and advanced materials for power generation.  Grant recipients are selected through a competitive FOA, based on research topics of the highest priority to FE programs. Grants awarded under this program are intended to maintain and upgrade educational, training, and research capabilities of HBCUs/OMIs in the fields of science and technology related to fossil energy resources, with project results being used to further demonstrate DOE’s commitment to FE research. Approximately four to five (4-5) competitively selected grants will be awarded annually.  Each participating university is required to provide research education support for at least one student.