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Preparing the next generation to meet future energy challenges

utr-image-1.pngThe Crosscutting Research program supports two of the longest-running university training programs, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Other Minority Institutions (OMI), and the University Coal Research (UCR). These programs were designed to increase the competitiveness of universities in fossil energy research and discoveries.

The student-led research programs advance energy technologies and allow for expansion of energy production while simultaneously facilitating energy sector job growth. The Outreach Initiative provides opportunities for qualified students and post-doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers to hone their research skills with NETL’s in-house scientists.

Between 1995 and 2017, NETL has awarded over 130 grants worth $25.6 million to HBCU and UCR students, culminating in students publishing more than 1,000 technical papers.


HBCU and UCR students have increased fossil energy sector exposure, education, and research engagement

A yearly webinar outlines the program objectives and mission to help students and institutions gain an in-depth understanding of how to prepare and submit proposals. The program sponsors the education, training, and research capabilities in the fields of science and technology related to fossil energy resources. Annual Kickoff Meetings and Project Reviews allow for students to hone their presentation skills, demonstrating their own research, findings and status of all active projects.

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