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Simulation Based Engineering employs a comprehensive portfolio of modeling scales and techniques that span the range of critical simulation needs, including complex, detailed device-scale models, process models, and materials models. These models are developed by groups in three chief computational platforms: Multiphase Flow Science, Computational Models for Materials, and the recently initiated Advanced Process Simulation. Computational models are used to simulate the device and understand its detailed performance before the design is finalized, while congruently researching manufacturing techniques to create the advanced devices and systems. The platforms provide decision-making tools for safer, more economical, and environmentally prudent processes for fossil energy development.


Advanced Process Simulation   Multiphase Flow Science   Computational Materials Modeling
The newly initiated Institute for the Design of Advanced energy Systems (IDAES) has become a premier resource for the identification, synthesis, optimization, and analysis of innovative advanced energy systems at scales ranging from process to system to market. The Institute provides new approaches for utilizing process intensification concepts to enable the identification of scale-up to step-change technologies that are smaller, more modular, and more cost-effective. IDAES accelerates innovation by identifying and optimizing complete systems in the context of full energy portfolios. The platform also increases the grid reliability by identifying new operational strategies and promising opportunities for retrofitting the existing fleet to integrate distributed energy resources.
  NETL is a world-leader in multiphase flow modeling that simulates complex energy processes, deploying state-of-the-art computational modeling to accelerate the commercialization and ultimately widespread deployment of technologies for advanced power generation. The Multiphase Flow with Interphase eXchanges (MFiX) and Software Suite has been applied by industry and academia around the world. The toolset is the world’s leading open-source design software. The software provides device scale simulations provide significant time and cost savings compared to traditional build and test models, reducing development time and costs by an estimated 30-90%. The platform combines the development and application of multiphase computational fluid dynamic models with small-scale, well-resolved experiments to develop accurate models and to provide validated computational tools.
  Provides a conceptual framework for integrating models at different scales. The approach allows for evaluation of new hardware concepts and virtual exploration of systems. NETL leads a national laboratory consortium, Extreme Environment Materials (ExtremEmat) that allows for development of new materials and demonstrates predictive materials behavior. The modeling capability accelerates the design, development and optimization of efficient, cost-effective structural and functional materials. This research platform enables effective development of new materials and processes for existing and new fossil energy conversion systems and components.

The programs apply analysis and visualization tools to gain scientific insights into complex, noisy, high-dimensional, and high-volume datasets.

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