Crosscutting Research Program

High Performance Materials

Propelling power plants to higher efficiencies

hpm-image-1.pngThe program develops the next generation of toolsets needed to accelerate the development of materials to improve the existing fleet and enable the next generation of fossil energy systems.

Developing cost-effective structural and functional materials that help to revolutionize energy systems driving down costs, increasing reliability, and pushing toward meeting environmental regulations.

Program aims to reduce time to insert a new material by 2-4x from current rate

Materials are capable of operating at higher temperatures to achieve increased efficiency and lower operating costs. The program is divided into two main functions: 1) computational materials design and 2) material development that are used to enhance plant optimization and reduce costs.

Researchers also promote advanced manufacturing techniques to prototype and commercialize cost-effective extreme environment materials. The Crosscutting program is in part funding the High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4M) program that addresses key challenges in developing, modifying, and qualifying new materials through the application of high performance computing, modeling, simulation and data analysis.

High Performance Materials Explained

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