Upcoming Small-Scale Field Projects
Injection well with monitoring equipment at the MGSC enhanced coalbed methane site.
Injection well with monitoring equipment at the MGSC enhanced coalbed methane site.

NETL is seeking additional research to augment what has been learned to date from the 20 small-scale field tests conducted by the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships (RCSPs) during the Validation Phase. These tests have provided valuable data, but gaps remain in the understanding of the complex issues surrounding the processes associated with geologic CO2 storage across varying types of formations and depositional environments and monitoring. The purpose of Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-FE0000441 is to increase the understanding of these processes in depositional environments that have not yet been investigated. The FOA seeks cost-shared applications to conduct small-scale CO2 injection field projects within to focus on the storage potential and characteristics of both unconventional reservoirs (basalts, organic shale, coal) and conventional saline reservoirs (clastics and carbonates) as defined in the recent DOE manual entitled "Geologic Storage Formation Classification:Understanding Its Importance and Impacts on CCS Opportunities in the United States," BPM. This FOA will focus on infrastructure elements to improve efficiency and safe storage of CO2 underground.

Conducting gas flux measurements at a CO2 geologic storage field site.
Conducting gas flux measurements at a CO2geologic storage field site.

The primary goal is to understand CO2 behavior and migration in different depositional environments/classes of reservoirs and stability throughout injection and post-injection periods. To accomplish this goal, research conducted under this FOA shall further the characterization of potential geologic storage within the United States, including the further development of comprehensive data sets (porosity, permeability, injectivity, injection zone architecture, cap rock integrity, pressure responses, etc.) in various geologic storage types within depositional systems that have not been fully investigated. The objective of the projects will be to determine potential geologic storage sites in different regions of the United States that have varying injection zones, overlying confining zones, and structural issues that can affect safe and effective CO2 storage.

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