Metal Monolithic Amine-Grafted Zeolites for CO2 Capture 
Project No.: FC26-07NT43086

Project FC26-07NT43086

CO2 capture unit with metal monolithic amine-grafted zeolites. (click image to enlarge)

The University of Akron is investigating a new sorbent for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture that involves the novel integration of metallic monolith structures coated with amine-grafted zeolites. This sorbent would eliminate the use of corrosive liquid amine and decrease the energy required for sorbent regeneration. The metal monoliths consist of straight channels: one row of channels coated with amine-grated zeolite and one used for heat transfer media for either cooling for adsorption or heating for regeneration.

In combination with the innovative applications of metal monoliths as an adsorbent structure, the low cost of raw materials for the synthesis of zeolite-grafted amine sorbents may result in a breakthrough technology for the effective capture of CO2 from flue gas of coal-fired power plants.


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