A Low-Energy, Low-Cost Process for Stripping Carbon Dioxide from Absorbents
Project No.: FG02-06ER84592 SBIR

  Glycol Heater, Stripper, MEA Delivery Tank, CO2 and H2O Collection Apparatus
Glycol Heater, Stripper, MEA Delivery Tank, CO2 and H2O Collection Apparatus

AIL Research, Inc. (AIL) is in the second phase of a small business initiative research (SBIR) project that is assessing the economic and technical feasibility of a carbon dioxide (CO2) stripper that uses an internally heated contactor. The project will determine whether the construction of the internally heated contactor is compatible with the operating conditions of a monoethanolamine stripper and an advanced scrubber (e.g., one that uses a mixture of potassium carbonate and piperazine) and it will also determine the maintenance procedures required to fall within acceptable operation and maintenance practices at power plants.

AIL will also work to scale-up the CO2 stripper concept that utilizes an internally heated contactor. This work includes the development of both the surface treatment and physical structure for the contact surface of the internally heated stripper. Researchers will also identify a solvent that will produce the most economically-viable CO2 scrubber system by testing several thermally-regenerated CO2 absorbents under controlled laboratory conditions, while gaining a better understanding of the operating parameters that control scrubber performance. In addition, this project will evaluate the impact that the proposed CO2 capture system will have on the performance and economics of coal-fired power plants.


  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, Jose' D. Figueroa.