CO2 Binding Organic Liquids Gas Capture with Polarity-Swing-Assisted Regeneration
Project No.: DE-FE0007466

Battelle Pacific Northwest Division is developing a new CO2 capture technology for treating post-combustion emissions. The new process couples the unique attributes of non-aqueous, switchable organic solvents (CO2 binding organic liquids – CO2BOLs) with the newly discovered polarity-swing-assisted regeneration (PSAR) process. The process requires significantly lower temperatures and energies for CO2 separation relative to conventional technology, making significant cost savings possible.  The low regeneration temperatures of the proposed technology allow a unique energy integration method that can reduce overall parasitic loads by more than 65 percent compared to commercial systems.

The objective of this project is to further develop and verify the performance of the process combining CO2BOLs with PSAR and to compare the process economics to the DOE's goals for post-combustion carbon capture systems.

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