Novel Flow Sheet for Low Energy CO2 Capture Enabled by Biocatalyst Delivery System
Project No.: DE-FE0012862

Akermin is conducting laboratory and integrated bench-scale pilot testing to validate the performance of their next generation Biocatalyst Delivery System (BDS). This effort builds upon work conducted under a previous project. The novel system enables on-stream replacement of the catalyst and enables integration with an advanced process flow scheme. Akermin is exploring an enzyme-enabled advanced process flow scheme with non-volatile capture solutions, AKM-24 and potassium carbonate. The advanced process flow scheme is projected to have lower parasitic energy requirements and lower capital costs resulting in greater than 30 percent reduction in the cost of capture. The novel flow sheet enabled by the biocatalyst permits regeneration at lower temperatures allowing heat integration with the lowest grade steam from the power plant and minimizing water consumption. The existing 500 standard liters per minute (SLPM) bench unit will be modified to incorporate the next-generation BDS, accommodate the new process flow scheme, and reduce heat loss for better quantification of energy performance. The modified bench unit will be operated at the National Carbon Capture Center on actual flue gas.

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