Pilot Scale Evaluation of an Advanced Carbon Sorbent-Based Process for Post-combustion CO2 Capture
Project No.: DE-FE00013123

SRI is incorporating an advanced carbon capture sorbent-based process in a 0.5 MWe slipstream pilot plant that will reduce the parasitic plant load by using a CO2 capture sorbent requiring a reduced amount of steam. The process is based on advanced carbon sorbents having a low heat of adsorption, high CO2 adsorption capacity, and excellent selectivity. Design and performance data will be produced by testing the sorbent using the slipstream from an operating pulverized coal (PC)-fired boiler under realistic conditions and continuous long-term operation. The acquired data will be used for further development and commercialization of the process. Development of the proposed approach will provide a cost-effective technology for removing CO2 from the flue gas of existing and new PC-fired plants. Successful development of this technology will reduce the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


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