Carbon Dioxide Recovery from Flue Gas using Carbon-Supported Amine Sorbents 
Project No.: FG02-04ER83885 SBIR

Virtual Depiction of a Carbon-Supported Amine Sorbent

Virtual Depiction of a Carbon-Supported Amine Sorbent


Advanced Fuel Research, Inc. has completed a small business innovative research (SBIR) project that initiated development of a novel sorbent for the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from combustion flue gas. The primary goal of this project wa s to develop a process using a supported amine for CO2 capture that exhibits better system efficiency, lower cost, and less corrosion than current aqueous amine-based processes.

The project was to demonstrate performance of carbon-supported amine sorbents under simulated flue gas conditions. Three tasks were undertaken: (1) the development of six to ten carbon-supported amine sorbents for CO2 adsorption testing; (2) the sorbents were to undergo CO2 adsorption and desorption tests to determine the effect of temperature on adsorption capacity and make recommendations for sorbent-regeneration conditions; and (3) an assessment was to be conducted to evaluate the concept in terms of comparison with alternative technologies, materials requirements, economics, and life-limiting factors.

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